Thursday, August 7, 2008

On Vacation

So I did test last Saturday... big surprise BFN :( No AF STILL!!! Grrr! What is going on with my stinking body???!!!! I am getting so tired of this! I just hope that LOTS of girls on the board get their BFPs this round so I can forget about my lack of one.

So other than that, Batman and I have been on "vacation" for the last few days. My dad came into town on Monday and has been visiting us for a couple of days, creating memories with all of our crazy adventures (story to follow). Today we made the long (read drove for 8 hours) to Sea-town to visit friends that are getting married tomorrow (FINALLY NATRO!) and my family (who we don't see very often) I can't wait to get some fun pics on here of our wild escapades... or at least some of the wedding since our escapades are really more like small detours from normal life and are anything but wild.

So story of me and my dad: My dad and I are BIG history buffs AND we both love to take small road trips. Since this is the case I decided that while he was visiting and Batman was working, we would go up to an old mining town about an hour and half from us called Silver City. It's a pretty neat little old town that in its hayday was home for some 10000 residents (back in the turn of the century) but has since turned into a tourist attraction (I use this term VERY loosely as we saw MAYBE 2 other people that were non residents besides ourselves the entire time we were there). We left Tuesday morning around 9:30 and made the long trek up the mountain. For those of you who are naive like me and think that when people tell you that you will probably need four wheel drive it's more of a suggestion than a necessity, you would grossly mistaken. Thankfully we chose to drive our Jeep Wrangler...or maybe NOT thankfully as you will hear later. We take the turn off from the main highway and six miles in the road goes from "paved" to gravel to rutted, bouncy, must-have-four-wheel-drive-to-even-navigate-more-than-50-yards, old, one lane road. Let me tell you this road is NOT for anyone who is a) afraid of heights, b)afraid of steep inclines c) scared that they may one day die in a car accident by falling off the side of a mountain road or d)... well you get my point. There is little to no room for more than one car and for the most part the sides are either wedged in between two mountains or are a sheer drop of (in my mind) 500 ft! EEK! Needless to say the drive up was a little scary. And top of it all it's MUCH farther than I originally anticipated. 20 miles on said road takes nearly 45-60 minutes to navigate.

We finally pull into said ghost town and stop to use the "restroom" (loosely termed as it was basically a toilet over a hole in the ground surrounded by four walls). We decide to move the car in front of the hotel before walking around only to get in the car and find that IT WON'T START!! Um... I don't know about anyone else, but I have seen enough horror movies in my time to realize this is EXACTLY how many of them begin...unsuspecting tourist in a ghost town leaves their car unattended long enough for some crazy local to tamper with the vehicle rendering it useless and leaving the tourists at the crazy locals deranged mercy... I was a little freaked. be continued... (obviously I survived since I am posting, but...)

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You'd love Philly! There's tons of historical stuff here :)