Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So I only have 6 days left until my appt. I am kind of freaking out a little bit because... well, that's what I do when I go see my doc. Even though he is the BEST doc in the entire world and I feel completely comfortable baring my vag and other things to him (Batman probably hates knowing that) I still get myself thoroughly worked into a frenzy when I have to go see him. Annual appt, immunization, bloodwork, it matters not.
I hope he can figure out what is WRONG with me!!!

The weekend was absolutely fabulous! I got everything done that I wanted to which included getting all my autumn decorations up. Plus I even had a full day (yesterday) to relax, veg on the couch, and watch my favorite shows. We don't have cable so I have to settle for what is on free tv but I really heart Martha and Rachel ;-) How can you NOT? They were both fantastic!

Last night... cheer practice (is it evil that I have been using some of my crossfit workouts for their conditioning?)... tonight... softball... tomorrow... birthday... wait forget about that last one... friday... hopefully dinner with Batman? We'll see

Okay now I just have to get through this day!


Anonymous said...

OMG! Is today your Birthday??? I think I read that right... if so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Andrea said...

The comment about your doc cracked me up!! You're too funny!

If it is your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!