Tuesday, September 30, 2008


How is it that AF has not shown up yet? Seriously! I took the last Provera on Saturday! Hurry up so I can start another cycle for crying out loud!!

In other news we paid off our credit card debt over the weekend :) Woot woot! And then we celebrated by going on a wine tasting/ dinner train. Um... I wouldn't recommend it to really anyone. It was completely cheesy and you could tell it was run by an outfit in small town Idaho. Maybe that's what I should have expected? I didn't really think I had any expectations going into it, but apparently I did. And it failed. Miserably. The "wine tasting" portion turned out to be a small swallow of each of 4 wines (all of which were pretty terrible and I DO like wine) and instead of full dinner they served hors d'oeuvres which were also just terrible. Pretty much it was a waste of $80 (for the two of us) and 2 and half hours.

Live and learn. LIVE and LEARN!


Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about provera or how it's supposed to work, but AF better come soon! When did the doctor say you could expect her to arrive? Maybe you should call your doc?

Andrea said...

Nice job with the credit card debt!

I agree...call your doc and find out exactly when AF is supposed to arrive.

Melissa said...

I hope AF hurries up - I know how much it sucks to be sitting in limboland for days on end, especially when you're anxious to get the next cycle started. It can't hurt to call your doc and ask about a AF timeline.

Carbon said...

Allow me to join your AF cheering squad! I hope the coming is fast and the going is faster.

I finished Twilight last night! If I can pull my brain out of werk I'll post a review. This weekend at the latest.