Monday, September 15, 2008

No more Mario Kart... please no more!

So we had some friends come in from out of town over the weekend (you can see them here). Batman was ecstatic as J is a good friend and we don't get to see them often, since they live up in Spok-compton and all. They came in on Friday and we partied up along with Megs and E-ric (the usual Friday crew). My one rationalization for drinking so heavily is that this cycle is basically a bust as still no O (see below for the details lol) and I definitely drank. it. up. (sad but true) Our friends turned me on to the most incredible beer I think I have ever tasted! It's made right here in the great state of Idaho even! Oh my TASTY! ;-) I highly recommend it :) They brought a whole case, which is now gone sad to say... I can't tell you how fantastic it was!!!
And as the title of my post alludes to, we played literally hours upon hours of Mario Kart and while it was entertaining for the most part, I am completely and utterly SICK of this game (that and I am just terrible at it!) If I never have to see another Rainbow Road, I can die a happy woman. I can't stress this enough! Batman thinks it's the best game in the world right now (along with the Wii Fit which I have to admit is pretty fun... but I digress) and so wants to play it ALL THE TIME! Ugh! Everytime he turns it on, I now walk out of the room.

Our friends stayed until about 2 yesterday and then Batman and I got to work. We cleaned the house, which was a disaster after having people stay with us (totally not a bad thing, just a fact), did laundry, went grocery shopping, did more laundry, went and dropped a few things off at my IL, and came home and collapsed! We ended up watching an AWESOME show last night called Fringe. It's on Fox and will be on on Tuesday nights! I recommend it highly! We were completely rivetted to it last night and I can't wait for this Tuesday to watch the next episode! J and D made it home safely too (always a plus when driving 7 hours to get home).

So I also have been POAS all weekend and still no O... definitely a bust on this cycle. We didn't really BD a whole lot (well at least not on Friday or Saturday), since J and D were just one room over and our house doesn't have the thickest walls, if you catch my meaning. I think we made up for it on Sunday though ;-) I am getting kind of excited to start the Clomid train :) At least it will be helping my body do what it's supposed to! YES! Only about a week to go...


Morgan said...

LOL I LOVE LOVE Mario's the only game I'll play. I like battle with the balloons more than racing though!!

Carbon said...

I <3 Mario Kart! DH and I play online against other people, it is so much fun. Being good helps though, I confess... I've been playing one version of MK or another for the past 10 years.

I live in Spok-compton! I didn't see a link to your friends pics though?

I'm trying to watch Fringe, I liked the premier but it ran too late for my beauty rest.

I hope clomid treats you well! I'll be waiting to hear how it works out.

Andrea said...

You're too cute....I love the fact that you and hubby can still enjoy BDing even if you know there's little chance to make a baby at that point in your cycle.

You go girl!

nancy said...

hehe. My husband has been talking about mario kart nonstop lately!