Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Looky looky...wow I am bored!

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Carbon said...

Is Twilight any good? It was just recommended to me earlier today and I've never heard of it before. Then, I see your meme!

Since you like GRRM too, I thought you'd have an opinion I could appreciate. :)

Anonymous said...

IT IS THE BEST SERIES EVER! I am obsessed with it. Read it if you believe in True Love.

To A T said...

Carbon- it is absolutely a FANTASTIC series! Although it's written for teens, it's kind of like Harry Potter in that it's a good read for adults too :)
For me at least I couldn't put it down and even had to pre-order the last book that just came out so I could be sure and get a copy of it THAT DAY! (how sad is that?)

Isn't the last Ice and Fire book due soon? I can't remember what the last update I had on that was...

Carbon said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I've ordered a used copy online.

GRRM is STILL writing the next book. He says he will announce it on his web site when he's finished. He's had a busy schedule it seems, and doesn't get much writing done during football season. So, I wouldn't expect it any time soon.