Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Team WON!!

So my team played the Ducks on Saturday, stirring up more than a little excitement, anxiety, nervousness, happiness, etc in my little heart... and wonder of all wonders... THEY WON!! WOOT WOOT!!

I have no idea how it was even possible seeing at Oregon was ranked 17 and 12 in the polls and my measly little team was down at 29... well folks, we have no graduated into the top 20 thanks to that little win :) My team hadn't beat a BCS ranked team on the road in... well let's just say it's been a while (their record for that was 0-13) but now the goose egg is no longer! Ha ha! In your face you Duck slimeballs!

I have always been a fair-weathered fan of football (besides my "real" team growing up) so being so engrossed in a football game (or games since this it's now been what? 4 years... eek!) is just plain W.E.I.R.D for me. I guess we'll see how the rest of the season goes... who knows I just may become a bonefied fan for life?

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