Thursday, September 25, 2008

Provera Day 3

I'm already an emotional basket case... the Provera just adds to it. Last night we had our last softball game of the fall season (I did AWESOME BTW and we won) and for some reason when we drove away from the field, I starting crying. Who does that? Really!

Not much news other than that. It's Thursday and the weekend is still a couple days away. Woe is me...


Carbon said...

Yay for winning!

I hope the Provera proves to be worth its weight in emotional baggage.

I'm totally on board with the BFP pact!

nancy said...

I do. I cry at everything lately. It's awesome, eh?

I can read the text again! Yay!! (sorry you had to change it though)

Morgan said...

TGIF!! Girl, let me tell ya! The emotions NEVER go away. It will be the Provera, then AF and then when you get pregnant it will be the pregnancy hormones! It's a cycle that never ends. I haven't had my "happy pills" in 6 days..imagine how I am! woe is ME!

Anonymous said...

{{{HUGS}}} While I'm not on Provera, I certainly know how it feels to have your emotions all over the place! I feel that way all the time and I cry constantly, sometimes for no other reason than just to cry.

I'm here for you hun, always. You'll get through this and you'll get your BFP too!