Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A plan, a plan! Woot!

Whew! I'm so glad that appt is done and over... okay actually it really wasn't bad at all! :)

I got there and waited for about 5 min or so before being taken back by the nurse. I got to bypass having my weight checked (YAY!) since I was there mainly for "family planning." We (the nurse and I) decided to go ahead and do an annual as well since it has been about a year since the last one which was fine. She left, I changed into the LOVELY gown and lap sheet and waited about 5 more min before my doc came in.

I just have to say again I LOVE MY DOC! Okay that said, the rest of the appt was pretty dang good! He comes in, says it's great to see me, yadda yadda the normal pre- annual chit chat. He asks me what we have been doing TTC wise and asks me what my concerns/ questions are since it has been and year and he thought he would have seen me before now. I asked a lot about my irregular cycles and whether or not I am even Oing, what could this be related to, what is his normal plan of action, where do we start first, etc. He was amazed by all my knowledge, which was kind of fun :) I said that's all thanks to my friends at ivillage! lol! He thinks I am not Oing every cycle if at all and was pretty concerned when I told him my shortest cycle in the last year was around 35 days. We came up with a plan of action, then he did the normal Pap and boob exam. He came back in (after I was dressed of course) and had me go for b/w which I should find out the results today or tomorrow. I know they normally do this on CD 3 but he thought this would still give him some idea of what's going on with my body, so we shall see.

So here is our plan: wait this cycle out until CD 30. Take HPT and if neg start on provera. Wait for AF. On CD3 -7 take 50mg of clomid once a day. Start OPKs at CD12. If I have not gotten a positive by CD16 discontinue OPKs and wait for CD30 again to POAS. If neg start provera again and call to up clomid dosage. Again use OPKs until CD16 and if still neg wait again for CD30, yadda yadda yadda. When we can get me Oing again then he wants to do HSG to see if there are any blockages (although he said he doesn't think I do) and then at that point if we are STILL not preggo, have DH do SA (since DH is still on the fence on whether or not he *can* do that). From there we will see what the results are and possibly do a clomid with trigger w/o IUI, and if even THAT doesn't work then he wants to refer me on to RE. At any time though if I would feel more comfortable with being referred then he will do so.

I highly doubt that I will get a + if I POAS on CD 30 unless it is an OPK. It's CD17 and my cervix is still closed up tight with no CM to speak of. So I guess we will be moving onto clomid next cycle! I really couldn't be happier with how my appt when, even if I was a nervous wreck going in!


Anonymous said...

Yay Tiff! I'm so happy you finally have a plan! WOOHOO!

Andrea said...

Now THAT sounds like a plan!

Your doctor sounds amazing..a real "take action" kind of guy! I can't wait to see the results of this plan!! :-)

Christina said...

So glad that you have a plan! I hope it works out for you.