Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

So today is my birthday... for some reason I have been half dreading it/ half excited about it (the excited bit is pretty normal as I am kind of spoiled ;P ) I am a year older and no closer to my goals which I find extremely disappointing and sad. I always thought that by 27 I would be a mom. That is glaringly NOT the case to my utter dismay. I haven't gone back to school yet. And while I really love my job, I REALLY wish I were making more $$ (but who doesn't?) TTC seems to be the biggest disappointment of them all though.
It's just that I never thought I would have trouble TTC!! It's been so long, and yet it was so easy (read unplanned/ unexpected) the first time, and now I just keep losing hope :(
I guess what I need to do is dwell on the positives in my life this year instead of the hopelessness that I feel right now.
So here goes:
1. I have a hubby who is AMAZING and whom I completely adore! and who spoils me rotten most of the time, even if I am a raging bitch to him when I am PMSy. I am so happy I found me a good one
2. I have a wonderful family who love me unconditionally even if I forget to call them more than once a week
3. I have in laws that are more like good friends than relatives (which in my book is a REALLY GOOD thing)
4. I have my furbaby Kino who I just love to pieces! (hair and all)
5. I got really spoiled this year with a new coach,a wii fit, and some nice pieces of china... what more could a girl ask for?
6. I am going to DC in April with my Mom which is a DREAM trip/ vacation for me!
7. God is still in control even if I feel like I'm losing it!

Okay I feel a little better already... now it's just too bad that I have practice tonight and can't seduce... I mean coerce Batman into taking me out to dinner...


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday again!

You sound like a voice of hope despite your heartbreak. Another year may have gone by but that does not mean you will never be a mommy. You are young! You have options and I'm sure your day will come :-)

I hope the seducing..I mean, dinner was nice last night ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tiff! I hope it was great! :)

Morgan said...


Carbon said...

I have been a baaad commenter this week! Happy belated birthday!