Tuesday, March 13, 2012

14 weeks

So another preggo update :)

                             (Taken at 14weeks, 2days in the evening- it's smaller in the AM- as you can see, one little girl really wanted to be in the picture!)

Pregnancy HighlightsHow Far Along: 14 weeks, 5 days

Size of baby: Baby #2 is about 3.4 in long (about the size of a lemon) and weighs about 1.5 oz.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: According my scale I'm up a total of 6 lbs. I think I'm just going to continue to go by this scale since I weigh myself like every other day around the same time (with nearly the same amount of clothes and "food weight" lol). I'm okay with this. I figure if I can a lb or so a week from here on out, I'll end up about +32 overall and I can live with that. Now, I just need to STICK to that LOL ;-)

Clothes: Yep- maternity pretty much all the way. I do have a few dresses that aren't maternity that fit (all are a jersey knit and are loose to begin with), but other than that, everything in my closet that I actually wear is maternity.

Gender: Only 6 more weeks until we find out! I did give Batman the option this time around (in fact, we talked about it just a couple days ago) to be surprised, but he was ADAMANT about finding out. I guess that's what happens with 2 type A parents ;-) For some reason I'm thinking it's a girl now... we'll see?

Movement: I *think* I've felt baby a couple times this week. But it could just be gas as you all know. I'm hoping to start feeling more in the next couple weeks to confirm it... movement that is- not gas!

Sleep: Sleep kinda sucks these days, but I blame our mattress. We've been needing a new one for a while and I really think it's time! I just have to convince Batman that we want to spend $1000. Tough sell right now.

What I miss: This week I was COMPLETELY jealous of my daughter getting to eat a hot dog at Costco. I know they totally gross some people out, but MAN that looked good!

Cravings: I seem to be craving more sweet stuff this time around. Normally, I can take them or leave them, so it's kind of been strange wanting to eat cookies, ice cream, cake, pie, etc all the time.
Symptoms: Ditto from week 12- Exhaustion. Still dealing with constipation and I think it's only supposed to get worse so I'm amping up my fruit intake. And less cheese. Sore boobs. Like just sitting here they hurt kind of sore. And my nips are SUPER dry even though I lather them with lotion a few times a day. A touch of m/s but it seems to be abating hooray! Still super itchy :(

Moment this week: Thinking I felt baby move! I'm 95% sure it was baby and not gas ;-)

What I'm looking forward to: More energy, looking preggo and not just fat, April 23rd!

Milestones: Fully in the 2T! And maybe baby movement?


Shannon said...

Looking good!!

Leslie said...

Yeah for feeling movement! That is the best!! And you look great!!!

Kitty said...

I can't believe you're already 14wks, almost 15. Congrats! you look adorable and i'm thinking girl for you also! :)