Tuesday, March 20, 2012

She don't like cabbage

Last night I made some sauted cabbage for dinner with rice and vegetables. Batman and I are big fans and eat a lot of it over the summer when we are getting farm fresh (organic) cabbage from our farm. Last summer Little Miss seemed to have no problem eating it. She liked it even.

Last night, however, it was a big mistake. Dinner is usually hit or miss with her, as she is a grazer and snacks a bit during the day. She was doing fairly well last night, which surprised me. But then it came time to try a bite of the cabbage (she'd eaten a fair amount of just about everything else). She took one small bite (with my help) and proceeded to gag. And gag and gag. All the while saying "it yucky." I told her to simply spit it out or take it out of her mouth with her hand and place it on her tray.

At this point the entire contents of her stomach exploded all over her, her plate, and her booster tray. All of it. And she sat there smiling through it all.

Then she turns to me and says, "I not like cabbage."

We won't be making her eat cabbage for a long time. Then end.


~*JaYmE*~ said...

Sorry but I had to laugh at your expense. Too funny! I don't like cabbage either B. I know how you feel!

Lauren said...

Oh man, what a reaction! Throwing up your entire dinner over one nasty bite! lol

someday-soon said...

Oh no! She is certainly right...she doesn't like cabbage =)

A similar story happened with me and cooked spinach when I was 7. My parents never made me eat it again. I still can't eat it cooked.

Happily Married said...

Same thing happened to my sister with chicken pot pie. I, too, had a good laugh when I read this one. Thanks for sharing! (Hopefully Batman was kind and cleaned it up so it didn't have you heaving as well.)

Alley said...

Awww...poor B! At least now though you can go ahead and prepare if she does the same reaction to something else in the future.

Kitty said...

Oh poor thing but at least she was smiling. :) It's funny how they can love something one night and not the next. :) Hope you are well!
:) Kitty