Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Opinions please

I've started doing research already on products to help me get back into shape after this baby arrives. A bit early you say? I say, you can't be prepared enough ;-) This will most likely be our last baby (if Batman has anything to say about it... and he kinda does), so I'm looking for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that will help me get my body back asap... or at least faster than 20 months postpartum. Here's my (short) list so far:

1. B.elly Ba.ndit. And, while I know it's not a miracle worker, it seems like it would be worth the investment. Thoughts? Anyone have one? Use one? Know someone who has? I'm intrigued and almost convinced I need one. Or is there another belly binder out there that does as great of a job that's a little less expensive?

2. A treadmill. We currently have an elliptical, which is okay. But I think I just might make my husband the happiest man alive if I conceded and told him to get a treadmill and we'd get rid of the elliptical. Only problem is I HATE (really, HATE) running. And I don't mind the elliptical so much.

3. Fitmama postnatal workout DVD. I just ordered the pregnancy DVD by her. I haven't tried it yet (obviously since I just ordered it yesterday), but I was encouraged by all the great reviews. Anyone try any of her workouts before? Or mabye there are better ones out there? Any all and suggestions welcome!

4. P90x... 1 or 2? Once I'm feeling up to harder/ more intense workouts , I figured I'd go back to p90. I had great results when I finally stuck to it last summer and lost nearly 30 lbs in 3 months. By that time we will probably have p90X2 since Batman has been chomping at the bit to buy it since it came out in December.

5. So far that's all I've come up with... any other things that you can think of? Tell me!


Lauren said...

Alright, I was a super lucky person who gained 16lbs when I was pregnant, but I lost 40lbs in the 2 weeks after I gave birth. And by a week PP my belly was totally flat.

I did nothing except:

1. Belly bandit - seriously, this thing would flatten me by the hour! It is seriously a miracle worker for letting your stomach muscles knit back together. I had the weirdest ET pointy pouch after Noah evacuated my uterus, but with this thing is went down SO fast. I wore a medium for one day, then that was too big so I wore a small for a few more days, and seriously, flat belly. It wasn't tight, and the bandit didn't help me lose WEIGHT, but it certainly helped a LOT with shrinking the strange postpartum belly.

2. Breastfeeding. If possible. Seriously, my entire life I had SUCH a hard time dropping even a couple of pounds, but then BFing happened and it was AMAZING. I've been able to eat ANYTHING I want for the past 2 years and I am much skinnier than what I normally was pre-baby. It doesn't work that way for everyone, but it was a total godsend for me.

Kitty said...

I had the belly bandit and it rocked! I also run and started back at about 7wks, slowly. :) But working out does really help! I gained about 40lbs and by 6mths I was back to myself or so I felt. It took hardwork, dedication and some bfing help but ny no means did it fall off bc of bfing. I also never had morning sickness so some of us gain more bc we never feel bad nor do we throw up for 14wks. So that's my excuse! :) I ran until 7mths and ate perfectly and still gained abbout 4 mths each month. I was almost exact on the weight gain each month. Same exact each funny. :) Also, us tall girls are lucky and it doesn't show badly. :) So I say get a plan and do a little 3x a week once you're ready at about 7wks or later. :) don't push yourself too hard. You'll get it back! :)

Andrea said...

Yes to the Belly Bandit! I used one after Gabriella because I saw the amazing results after wrapping my belly with an Ace bandage after Eli. It's a bit uncomfortable but it honestly shrinks your swollen belly down SO fast. I would wear it to bed and be amazed the next morning. Great investment!

With two kids I find it incredibly difficult to squeeze in a workout any longer than 20 minutes. My personal opinion is P90X is just going to be a pain to accomplish. I love, love, love FREAKIN hard workouts that you can get done in 12 minutes. I'm CRAZY sore the next day. It's like the perfect solution to a busy mom's schedule :)

From experience...the weight comes off much faster the second time around. After Eli, it took me 9 months and with Gabriella, I was down to my pre-pregnacy weight by 4 months postpartum. You honestly have NO time to eat and you're running around all day :)

Ash said...

I gained about 40 pounds- Teddy was 10 pounds and I had a lot of amniotic fluids. It took about a year for my stomach to look halfway decent although it was so stretched that there isn't that much I could do. I lost all the weight within about half a year though. For me breastfeeding helped although not a crazy amount. What really made a big difference is when I started doing strength training with weights!! My husband does this so he showed me how but it is SO SO much better then cardio- at least for me. Just something about lifting weights helped me tone up and really lose the weight much faster then when I did stuff like Zumba. Even though when I do a class like Zumba I spend the whole time close to puking, for some reason that doesn't equal results for me. But lifting weights absolutely creates fast results for me. Plus for a lot of the exercises you don't need a gym (although we are members at one- with childcare! best thing ever!)

Also personally I don't see any point in starting to work out early. I waited until 4 months to really do anything and still lost all the weight pretty easily. My body needed time to heal and Teddy was really colicky so I think adding working out to that would have really made me go insane LOL.

Good luck losing the weight this time!

someday-soon said...

I had an abdominal supporter that was very similar to the Bandit because I had a c-section and it helped support my abdomen. It was so worth having. I now use it to support my boobs when I run on the treadmill before K gets up and nurses. Breastfeeding has been huge too and the treadmill sounds like a good idea. We got a "TRUE" brand treadmill on craigslist and LOVE it.

Christina said...

I had some sort of Belly Bandit copy, it does help flatten. It won't tone or anything but it helps train everything to get back to where it should be.

I started running at 6 weeks pp. That's what does it for me. I'm still about 10 pounds off from my pre-pregnancy weight right now but I hope with running I can get it off quickly.

alli said...

i gained 40 pounds and was back to my original size/weight by 3 months without exercising. I have no idea how. breast feeding did make me super-hungry, so I imagine that it must have contributed. I didn't use the belly band thing, but it sounds useful.
For exercise, I've been loving yoga. good combo of toning and calming.

Claire said...

If you're looking for a vitamin/mineral/protein supplement to compliment your workout regimine, I strongly suggest the Arbonne Essentials Fit Plan - the protein shakes are absolutely the best tasting thing around! All of the vitamins and minerals and proteins are derived from vegan sources, no soy, whey or dairy protein, which can cause sensitivies and allergies. I have to say that if you are nursing, you should always check with your doctor before using any product, but all of my clients who have taken the ingredient list to their doctor have been told that this is a product they SHOULD be taking.

All of our products are 100% vegan, pure, safe and beneficial to your body. If you would like any more information, please feel free to check out my website or email me at

Sorry to sound like an infomercial, but these products are fantastic, give you the nutrients you need, but are very low in calories and fats. I've lost 8 lbs. and one pant size in the last month...I wouldn't sell them if I didn't 110% believe in them!

Claire said...

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