Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bawling like a baby

I've been watching reruns of that show on Lifetime, Coming Home. Have you ever seen it?

If not, here's the general run down. They take a military family that has a dad/spouse/child coming home and go over the top with a surprise homecoming. They also showcase 3 or 4 other families that have sent in their own homecoming surprises.
First off, I almost always get teary watching these things. I've been there. I remember what it was like waiting for Batman to come home from Iraq and I "get" what they're feeling. And it's the kids that get me choked up the most. Those surprises are the best!
But add on to that, crazy pregnancy hormones? And O. M. G. It's a recipe for disaster. Or rather a recipe for some pretty incredible water works. Yall? I've been weeping. Weeping. Like full on ugly cry.
And yet, I can't. Stop. Watching.
I just hope I don't give myself a headache. Be warned.


Lauren said...

Those things make ME cry and I don't personally know a single person in the military. So seeing as you know exactly what that is like, I'm not surprised you're ugly-crying! lol

someday-soon said...

Pregnant or not I cry like a baby to those stories!!!

Mamma Bug said...

Drink lots of water and enjoy!