Sunday, July 22, 2012

A big girl room!

As much as this mom *really* wanted to decorate B's new big girl room with all my pinterest inspirations, I got out voted. Instead we went with hot pink, light pink, black and a little bit of Minnie. But my girl is SUPER happy and that's what matters, right?

Here are some pics of how it's coming along so far. It still needs a few touches, like pictures and things on the walls and some nic-nacs, but it's turning out better than I thought it would


Shannon said...

The bed turned out so nice! Her room looks great!

Lauren said...

Looks great! Does she sleep up there in that bed??

Kitty said...

So glad she's happy! That is all that matters. The furniture looks great. Was it scary the first night she slept up there? :)
Move B to big girl room- check!

Anne said...

The room and especially the bed make over looks spectacular!

Happily Married said...

Super cute room! And I love the bed! Such a great way to maximize the space in the room! :0)