Monday, August 6, 2012

34 weeks!

Yikes! This update is now extremely late seeing as I'll be 36 weeks in a couple days... Oh well! At least I had it typed up and ready to go... I've just been slacking on the picture uploads LOL Here we go!
Belly #2
 Belly #1

I did take a bare belly pic as well, but I realized I was only in a bra only afterwards, so I don't think I'll post it ;-) I will try and take another one for my 36 week update though just so you can REALLY see how different I'm carrying little man. SO MUCH HIGHER! No wonder I can't breathe ;-)

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 34 weeks

Size of baby: Baby #2 is about 17.75 in long (about the size of an average cantaloupe) and weighs about 4.75 lbs. Getting bigger everyday!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I did peek at the scale at my last appt and I was actually DOWN a pound this time! Which by my calculations puts me at 29 lbs overall, by theirs at 31 lbs overall. This is totally okay with me and I think I really will stick to only 35 lbs total this time! Woot!

Clothes: Still maternity of course! Mostly dresses these days since it's SO hot here (81 degrees at 7am this morning) and they are easy.

Gender: Still a boy... still without a name.

Movement: Constant, except when I'm sleeping... or at least I don't notice it then (thank you uni.som)

Sleep: Back to getting up 4-6 times a night to pee, even with uni.som, but at least I'm sleeping a bit.

What I miss: Cute clothes, breathing, working out, the list goes on...

Cravings:Nada that I can think of

Symptoms: Heartburn, heartburn and more heartburn. Tums have become my BFF.

Moment this week: Getting more and more checked off the list. It's slow, but steady progress

What I'm looking forward to: STILL-Getting everything done so I can stop stressing about baby's impending arrival. We are getting there.

Milestones: None that I can think of. Since this is late I guess we have hit the 35 week mark... that's a milestone, right?