Wednesday, August 22, 2012

37 weeks

Eek! We've made it down to the (almost) end :)

Here's the pic comparison:
Belly#2 at 37 weeks
Belly #1 at 36weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 37 weeks

Size of baby: Baby #2 is about 19.25 in long (about the size of swiss chard- length only I'm guessing) and weighs a little over 6 lbs. My doc estimates little man will be between 7-8 lbs or so at birth unless he starts packing on a good deal of weight.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: up 3.5 this time... overall 34 by my scale, almost 36 by theirs. Need to watch what I'm eating and STAY INSIDE with A/C

Clothes: Obviously maternity

Gender: Team Blue.

Movement: Less these days as he's running out of room

Sleep: Not much due to peeing all the time.

What I miss: seeing my feet!

Cravings: none

Symptoms: Heartburn, sciatic pain and numbness down the front of my left leg, CONSTANT BHs !

Moment this week: Got checked and we are at 1cm, but still not much effacement and my cervix is poniting to the back. Doc estimates I still have another couple weeks... at least ;-)

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting this little guy and finding him a NAME.

Milestones: Strep B swab? won't know until next week, but it was uneventful. Oh ya, and FULL TERM!


Lauren said...

The constant BH are annoying, eh? I find they are much less frequent if I'm just sitting around doing nothing, but as soon as I'm doing anything, like vacuuming, or trying to run an errand, there they are, every 2 minutes. And they're PAINFUL now.

So, you really have NO names? Or do you have a list and just can't decide on one?

someday-soon said...

WOO-HOO for full term!!! Hope your little man decides to come and meet you sometime soon =)