Friday, August 24, 2012

The short list

Batman and I are at an impasse. He's got his list of "okay" boys names and I have mine. And none of the names match. Fun times. Nothing really stands out to either of us on either list, making this decision impossible.

His list:

Corbin (I have a cousin whose son is named this and we usually see them anytime we visit Seattle. And I don't like it)

My list:
Vander (he hates so def a no go)
Bruce (obviously a no go since, well, the whole batman thing...)

And that's really it. They're short lists and neither of us is willing to budge. And I'm starting to dislike my list. Kind of.

Batman seems the most stuck on Colt. And I have a sneaky feeling I'm going to have to be the one to give in.

*sigh* this needs to be easier.


Alley said...

I like Cade and of course, I'm partial to Colt thanks to my Colton. ;) Good luck though! It took us a week or so to come to an agreement on what we liked best once we got the list down to about 5 or so each. And we honestly did the 'how did/does it sound/look when we yell/write it' too.

proudnavywife1027 said...

This is definitely going to be our problem if we end up having a girl. Good luck picking something. I hope you two can come to an agreement soon!!

proudnavywife1027 said...

This is definitely going to be our problem if we end up having a girl. Good luck picking something. I hope you two can come to an agreement soon!!

The Captain's Wife said...

have you written to swistle baby names yet?

Lauren said...

Do you like 'Colton' better than 'Colt', by any chance? Seems a little less "rough" to me.

That really stinks you are so stuck with names. I felt stuck before, but I wasn't nearly that stuck! And now I'm starting to love the name we chose, especially because Noah loves it and he insists that we name the baby that name... and he says it sooo cute.

What does Brynna think?:)

Melissa said...

Boys' names are tough! When I was pregnant with my son, I let my husband pick his name because I didn't like ANYTHING. He let me name our girls - so in all fairness, I let him name our son. Good luck with the naming decision!

Melissa said...

Oh, and I just wanted to add one more thing. Even if you don't "love" any particular name, you will more than likely start to love it after he's born & officially named. Whatever you choose, it will grow on you!

Shannon said...

I like Colton better than Colt. That's probably my favorite on the list. Names are really hard!

Lisa said...

My hubby already had our sons name before we even started dating. It was his grandfathers name. But I became so upset when we found out we were having a boy (I had convinced myself baby was a girl) that he leaned a little and now our son has his grandfathers first name and my maiden name (my dad had two girls, I had to pass it on some how). We already have a first name picked out if we have a second boy and we have a complete name for a girl. But, we always plan ahead.

I like Cade and Colt. I think naming him Bruce would be cute (because of the whole Batman thing:)). Hope you get it picked soon. The good thing is you have some time.

Christina said...

I agree with some of the other comments, I like Colton. I also like Cade.

Boy names were our issue to. We hated every single one!

Kitty said...

That's tough. My friend's son is Colt, cousin's son is Colton and I think it's nice but also don't LOVE it. Keep searching and i hope you find a name you love.
Do you like Beckett or Branson? How about Vaughn? Or Harrison? Parker? Just a few ideas! Best of luck. I think baby name #2 is going to be harder for us as well. :)

Shannon said...

I vote for Colt, but I am bias cause we are naming our second little guy Colton. I also like Kellen.
I'll throw out the suggestion of Rylan. We were going to name #2 that until SIL name her second that.

Anonymous said...


Happily Married said...

I promise you that even though it feels next to impossible right now to find the right name, once you see him and are able to see him in action you'll find one that you can agree on. Even if you both aren't in love with it at first. And the longer he's been around, the more it'll seem like it's just perfect for him. It's a stressful thing, naming a child so give yourself a tiny break and know that it'll come together.