Thursday, August 16, 2012

Full Term! - list fixed... I think

First of all, thank you all so much for your comments over the weekend! I needed a little pep talk after my crazy meltdown of Friday ;-) We ended up all going out on a date Friday night and even though I didn't get a "break" it was a really nice (and much needed) outing for me too! I know a lot of my feelings stemmed from being near the end of this pregnancy and just being SO. Dang. Tired. coupled with some pretty typical 2 yr old behavior. I'm almost back to feeling like a good mom again ;-) And Lauren- I haven't had a chance yet, but I am definitely going to check out those articles! Thank you!


I'm full term!

Yep, that's right folks. I've made it to the 37 week mark and Little Man is welcome to come any time now... even though he still doesn't have a name and we may or may not have everything done ;-) We will be doing the last of our shopping needs this weekend (see our list below and if you have anything to add, feel free... I may be forgetting some things), I'll be putting the finishing touches on his nursery (ie, getting curtains hung and nic nacs set up) and I'll be packing my hospital bag and B's overnight/ grandparent's bag once that's done. 

I decided not to write out a birth plan this time around because... well, I'm kind of being lazy ;-) To be honest I've had such good experiences at our hospital (and my doc already knows what I "want") that I'm not too worried about things getting crazy (unless of course there's an emergency of some kind- at which point, I would have an option anyway). The L&D nurses do actually listen when you talk and the antepartum nurses do as well (although they change much more often, so I may have to say "avoid pacis" more than once).  ;-)

I also kind of (accidentally) skipped taking a 36 week pic, so this evening I'll try and get Batman to take one and I'll do a 37 week update.  Oh, and I ate HORRIBLE all weekend and on top of being a bit swollen I'm afraid I've gained 6 lbs in the last 2.5 weeks :( Wish me luck that this morning's weigh/ in (doc appt- the lovely strep B swab this morning) isn't quite so bad? FX!

Our lists-
Car seat                                                         
crib/ mobile                                                   
changing table                                               
diaper bag                                                      
diapers (CD)                                                   
receiving blankets (although all these are       
still at great grandma's house... not sure        
how long she's waiting to give us these)        
burp rags (also at GG house)                         
soap/ shampoo                                                
butt cream                                                      
breast pump                                                   
baby tub                                                          
baby carrier (baby k'tan)
bouncy seat
toys/ books

diaper pail (our old one was nasty)
'sposies (for just the first couple weeks)
pants! (the kid has 100 onesies, but only 2 prs of pants)
brush/ comb (although not essential)
hooded towels
nail file
bottles/ nipples
bottle brush
nursing pads (I have a few reusable, but I need more)
nursing bras (the old ones are shot)
alcohol wipes
pajamas/robe (for me)
Dy-visol (although we don't need this right away)
Tummy time mat (also not essential but would be nice)
Bassinet (we co slept with B the first month, but would
rather little man has his own bed in our room at first
instead of ours... not a need but a want if I can find one
at a consignment store for relatively cheap)
Am I missing anything you can think of?

(oh I did find Miss B a present from baby boy yesterday at costco! We got her a set of Minnie Mouse/ Doc McStuffins puzzles- she LOVES her puzzles- for a good deal. I do want to get her a neat "big sister trinket though too, like a locket or a special bracelet) :)


Lauren said...

That list is almost impossible to read because blogger messed with it... I got tired trying to figure it out. lol. I'm bummed though because I love lists like that.

I am so jealous you are already 37 weeks!!!! You're having your baby sooo sooooon!!!!:)

someday-soon said...

Woo-hoo for full term!!! I can only imagine what pregnancy is like with a 2 year old. Hope to find out soon =)