Thursday, August 2, 2012


I need a little BTDT advice on a couple things. We are coming down to the last few weeks before little man's arrival and the pressure is on (at least I feel like it is).

1. I've been thinking about putting a basket together for the nurses in l&d and in postpartum care. Somthing like this maybe? Did any of you do this? Or did you write a thank you card or anything? We didn't when we had B, but it's seems like a nice thing to do, especially if I end up being induced again and have the time (and forethought) to put it together.

2. Did ya'll write up another birth plan for #2+? I'm know my doc still has the one from B in my chart, but I was thinking I should probably type up something simple for the l&d nurses again. Just an outline really, but at least letting them know how I *hope* things go ;-)

3. I'm trying to find some nursing tops this time around. I need to know where to find some good ones. I liked a couple that I saw at Mother.hood, and they were on sale (so I may go back and get them) but did anyone find some good ones online?

4. For my CD mama friends, I'm looking to buy a few more CDs, just to supplement our stash and I came across some Oh Katy! diapers on greenbabybargains today. Has anyone tried these? They look similar to BG and others, which I LOVE! Worth it? They are only 10.50 today only, so I guess it wouldn't be a complete waste if I bought a couple.

34 week update in the works.. just need to get my pics uploaded ;-)


Emma said...

I would do a new birth plan just in case and so you have copies to take with you! Also i honestly never thought of a gift basket or thank you note for the nurses when I had Eirik! I have heard some good things about the Oh Katy diapers! I know they are going out of business which is why they are so cheap right now.

Lauren said...

I am going to write up a new birth plan for #2. I will write one for the home birth, and one in case we end up in the hospital. A lot of it is the same, but there are some additions and deletions I can make based on what I know from my previous hospital birth.

Nursing tops... I highly recommend nursing TANKS. Like, seriously. I live in them... when I'm not pregnant. They turn any shirt into a nursing top. It's a lot better than having to have an entire wardrobe of actual nursing tops.

I haven't tried Oh Katy diapers, but I've heard good things! Check out this analysis of it (this was literally just on my FB newsfeed yesterday):

Kitty said...

1) I made gift bags for all nurses and the doctors. Had small tea/coffee bags, chocolates, snacks, etc in them. All the women loved them! They probably never made it to the doctors but the nurses were thrilled. :) Very good idea.

2) I will do a birth plan for #2 just as we had 1 for #1. :)

4)We CD but I've not tried Oh Katy dipes. There are so many brands but good luck. Are you looking for a one size or a smaller size for NB?

You're so close! :)

:) Kitty

Melissa said...

I never gave out gifts to the nurses after any of my children were born. The nurses change shifts so frequently (and without notice) and most of them I only saw once. I found it silly to buy multiple gifts for multiple nurses who, for the most part, weren't really on the scene much anyway. The only nurse I would think of gifting would be the one present during L&D because, from my experience, those nurses rock! A homemade gift basket seems like a nice idea.

I didn't have a birth plan with any of my deliveries. The only thing that was important to me was getting an epidural, which I verbally expressed when the time came & got it. I think birth plans are a little overrated, but do what you feel comfortable with!

Nursing tops - I had ones from Motherhood, Target & Kohl's (I think). In the end I just wore any old shirt when nursing, so I don't really view them as a necessity. I'm no help!

Yay for 34 weeks. You are SO CLOSE! Can't wait to see pics.

Happily Married said...

1. Goodie bags for those that care for you are *ALWAYS* appreciated and are a very nice gesture. Knowing you're appreciated (as a nurse) goes a long way in the nurses doing their absolute best on getting you the birth experience you're dreaming of.

2. Birth Plan? It's a good idea but I love that you are prepared!

3. Best nursing tops around are by far and away are the nursing tanks at Wal.mart. They're very affordable and don't shrink like the ones at Tar.get do.

I didn't CD either of my kiddos so I'm not much help in that arena. Sorry! HTH!