Monday, November 17, 2008

Ahem...I'm back to my normal self

The weekend gave me time to calm down after my blowup on Friday. I was emotional, AF wasn't being very nice, and they didn't tell me what I wanted to hear- D*mn them!
I have gotten to the point now that I really am excited about this cycle. I just KNOW the clomid will work (BTW you were all right! LOL all I had to do was read the bottle to see that I was supposed to take 2 pills instead of just one- Batman had a good laugh about that). I am optimistic for a BFP too. I mean, how can you beat a story where you were conceived in your uncle's bed, right?

The weekend really was great! We had Batman's work Holiday Party on Saturday night which was a BLAST!! I don't think I have ever said that about a company party, but Batman really outdid himself (he planned the event). He hired these people to do the entertainment and had the hospital cater it (fantastic little snack BTW). The prizes were raffled off at the end (you got raffle tickets based on how much "money" you won) and I ended up winning a $100 gift card to BODO which is our downtown shopping district (Yes, even tiny little Boise has some decent shopping) I was so excited!!! It will probably all go to pay for Christmas present, but at least it won't come out of my pocket.
Sunday we went and saw the new Bond and all I can say is- Daniel Craig- OH YUM!! I could seriously rip his clothes off! And that accent- whoooeee mamma! I'm a sucker for the accent! I think he just became my new obsession.

Batman seems to be taking all this TTC stuff in stride. No more of the "relax" comments which is much appreciated and he has really been a saint (again) with all my mood swings- God bless that man! Now, if we don't get our BFP this month I just have to get him to make the SA appt at the VA. (He has already agreed to it, but reminding him he did so could take some convincing)


nancy said...

Are you seeing an OB or RE?

Anonymous said...

:) You sound like you're doing much better! Hooray! Congrats on winning the gift card!

To A T said...

I am seeing an OB right now, but if this round isn't successful I am going to ask for a referral to RE

Andrea said...

I really really hope this is your month! The uncle's bed story is too classic :)

~*JaYmE*~ said...

Good luck Ma'am. I hope you get your BFP so you ~can~ tell your uncle where the baby was concieved. Hehe. Sorry I have to laugh.

Melissa said...

Good luck this cycle - yeah, what a story it would be to say that you were conceived in your uncle's bed - hehe.

And yay for the gift card! That's awesome. :-)