Friday, November 14, 2008

Apparently my doc is a quack!

So I JUST got off the phone with one of the nicest nurses known to man (C my docs f/t nurse). I'm not completely happy with his response to my questions/ concerns.
He does think that upping the Clomid is worth trying this round so C is calling the pharmacy as we speak. HOWEVER (and this is a big one) he apparently doesn't believe in doing u/s until I am on a higher dose than 100 mg (aka needs to be 150mg) because he believes that the otc/ grocery store OPKs are reliable enough to tell me I am Oing. Part of me is saying in my head "Hooray! the Clomid is increasing so there is a higher chance that I might actually O" On the other hand, part of me is saying "WTF? Shouldn't we be making sure the Clomid is actually doing SOMETHING towards making me O, as in making the follies grow at least a little?" I mean if Clomid isn't even doing anything to those little buggers, WTF am I even taking for at all? Argh! I realize that some of my emotionality (okay not even a word, but it works) comes from my PMSing but I seriously want to cry, scream, punch a wall, AAAHHHHH!!!
I got so excited yesterday when the nice COMPETENT nurse from the clinic thought it would be the best idea to have me monitored at least a little, and now I am hearing that he doesn't even want to do that until I get a f*cking + on a d*mn OPK... which only tells me that there is a LH surge, not specifically that my follies are growing enough to release a viable egg!!! It seriously pisses me off! Maybe I am just being a brat about the whole thing, but I am kind of tired of feeling like I am never going to get a BFP! I wish Dr W could just be a little more proactive. I mean if I do get a BFP, it just means more $$ in his pocket.

Okay end of rant. I guess I am headed to the pharmacy to pick my Rx.
Oh and PS- don't you think it's cutting it a little close, calling in the script on CD 3 at 3:30pm, when I need to take it today, and SOON!? Gaaahhh! Oh the irritation!


Marie said...

I finally had to loose my shit in front of my ob to get anywhere. He then started trying a little harder for me.

The Dr's are just not emotionally tied to this and I don't think they get how intense this is for us.

Melissa said...

Girl, demand ultrasound monitoring at the very least. You're absolutely right - an OPK will tell you if you're ovulating, but it won't tell you anything about quality or quantity of the resulting follicles.

I understand your frustration with this whole issue. You just have to remember that you're the customer and you're paying the doctor. There's no point in taking Clomid if your doctor is going to take a half-assed approach to your treatment.

Oh yeah, and it's insane that your Rx was called in at the last minute - gotta love that. LOL!

KS said...

You need a new doctor. Period. Going through this is stressful and exhausting enough, you should not have to put up with a doctor that you are not comfortable with. Is there anywhere else that you can go??