Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And we are off

Today is the day! Yippee. I am off in about 20 min and then I am headed home to pick up Batman and Kino and head out of town.

We had two snafus this morning. Upon waking this morning I realized that our house felt much too cold. MUCH. TOO. COLD. Not thinking much of it other than I wanted to get back in the warmth of my bed and snuggle with Batman, I jumped into a scalding hot shower, hoping it would scare away some of the chill. To no avail. I woke up Batman who sat up, teeth chattering and asked why it was so f*cking cold! Jeeze I felt like a popsicle! Batman gets up, checks the thermostat and lo and behold our house is a whopping 50 degrees! 50 degrees! Um... I don't know about you but that is FREEZING in my book. And much, much too cold for inside a house. So Batman throws on some clothes and heads out to the furnace (it's in the garage) only to find that our furnace is acting up again. I realize it's probably time to replace it (it's about 12 yrs old). This is the second time it has done this in a month! Thankfully he was able to get it working again and our house was soon back up to a normal temperature. We'll see how long it lasts though.

Second snafu- Kino WREAKS! Like POO! It's sick. I walked out to our family room (where he sleeps) this morning to wake him up to go potty and oh my heavens, I was blown away by the stench! I know he didn't do his business in the house because I looked all over. I have a hard time believing he farted so much last night that the house permanently smells. My theory is that he stepped in his own... ahem... business yesterday sometime and dragged it into the house. Which means I need to shampoo my carpets (febreeze and air fresheners do nothing. I tried already). Unfortunately, again, we leave today. And if it's on him still, I do NOT want my car wreaking the whole trip! That would be 8 hours of stink!! Batman thankfully (again) has come to the rescue and is giving him a bath as we speak (or more appropriately as I type?) to de-stenchify him. Hopefully he can get him mostly dry by the time I get home. Wet dog isn't really a pleasant smell either. (but it beats poo hands down so I will take what I can get)

Hopefully those will be the ONLY 2 issues we have on this trip!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

T-money- over and out!


Morgan said...

Hehe...poor Kino. Have you ever noticed sometime dogs stink worse AFTER they have a bath when their coat is all wet? I hope that wont be the case for! Have a GREAT Thanksgiving and drive safely!

Shot Gun said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Melissa said...

I totally feel your pain about the furnace issues. We have a newer furnace (only 2+ years old) and it decided to conk out on Monday.

I came home from work only to find a freezing cold house. It took FOREVER (maybe two hours?) before the oil company came to my house to fix the issue. I had never been so cold.

And yuck on the dog-poo issue. As much as I would love having a pet, I don't miss their bodily excrements AT ALL!

Jen said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a great trip with your family.

Thank you for all the support you give me on my blog. Your comments really mean a lot to me.

Oh...and sorry about the poop! yuck!!

Carbon said...

Ack, I hope all of your issues are out of the way now so you can have an awesome trip!

Anonymous said...

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