Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekend Schmeekend

Not too much to blog about lately.

Okay I guess that's a lie. I forget I had a VERY busy weekend.

Friday night found me at the school with my cheerleaders for the first of several homecoming games/ activities. Even though I left work 15 min early, I was STILL late, which is why I hate how far the drive is between my two jobs! Grrr!! Chalk it all up to two things: a) amazing Idaho drivers and b) the fact that construction companies feel the need to do the MOST road construction during peak rush hour times, instead of doing it when there is little to no traffic (aka the middle of the night) It was fun to see them cheer, and even though there were a few snafus, they did really well for their first game of the season. You could tell there were a lot of nerves (especially the 2 freshmen I have) but they did just fine.
Saturday started early in our house since Batman decided to work with his dad for a little extra money. He was up and out of the house by 7, which meant I was up and around by 7. In an effort to make him happy, I cleaned our house as a surprise, did as much laundry as I could, and started a pot of white chili (sans chicken since the whole vegan thing). The chili is a whole other story, but I will get to it. Then I was off and running to more Homecoming events/ games.
Batman went to a chili feed with our softball team from over the summer, but did the most amazing thing when he got home :) He bought me Tetris for the Wii. For those of you who don't know me IRL, I LIVE FOR TETRIS. For some reason, I am an addict. I love it. I could play Tetris until my fingers bleed, almost have on occasion. And now that I have it on the wii, I think I may have fallen in love with Batman all over again (how sad/ shallow is my love? LOL) It made my whole entire weekend!! I've already logged quite a few hours on it (instead of working out/ making meals/ spending quality time with Batman)
Sunday Batman and I and the IL went out to breakfast and then spent most of the rest of the day shopping and relaxing.
So ya, that's the weekend for you. Sorry no pics of the games. I am a spaz and forgot my camera. Maybe I will get some tonight?


nancy said...

lol. "I live for tetris".

And IK so want some white chili!!!!

Carbon said...

Tetris! I was an addict back when I had an original NES and monochrome gameboy in high school.

Did you get a Tetris disk, or was it bought and downloaded through the new Wii Ware store? I received an email about it, I just might have to pick it up.

Funny tetris story: Mom brother and I come back from a trip to see Dad trying to play Tetris. "What are you doing!?" I exclaimed at the mess on his screen. "I'm keeping the colors together," was his reply.

Sure enough, there were rough columns of color on the screen (and a slew of holes).

Crystal said...

Is it Tetris Party???? We bought that online for the Wii about a week ago and LOVE it! I am too an addict of Tetris =)

Sounds like you had a great, busy weekend!!!

To A T said...


Batman downloaded on Wii Ware- I think I am going to go into Tetris overload- I had a dream last night about it- trying to put the shapes in the right way... I think I may have a problem LOL Love the story about your dad- silly man!