Thursday, November 13, 2008

I got a call

It didn't really net me anything...yet.
Dr W and his two normal nurses were out today (lucky me). The nurse that called me back was super nice (unlike the receptionist when I made my first call about the Rx refill) and was concerned about upping the dosage but not having my cycle monitored... by U/S! Yay for competent nurses! She wants to talk to Dr W before just increasing the dose and sending me on my way and she is going to recommend both u/s AND b/w!
Can I hear the round of applause? I wanted to hug her through the phone!
Now I just have to wait and see what Dr W has to say tomorrow (or rather one of his nurses... both of whom I adore!) She said I WILL be getting a call regardless of what the answer is to the u/s and b/w question, to let me know what they are doing with the Clomid at least.
I'm so happy I could pee my pants... or pee on a stick... or... okay nevermind. You get what I mean.


Carbon said...

*claps* Yay for medical professionals of the nice and competent variety!

Teresa said...

I was put on 100mg of Clomid this last month with no monitoring. I practically had to beg for a progesterone test and when I went in for it yesterday the nurse asked me to explain to her how I take Clomid because I seem like such a pro and she'd like to explain it better to other women! Talk about feeling less than confident in my choice of doctor's offices. I'm glad you found a good one! :) Good luck this cycle. What days are you going to be taking Clomid?

Anonymous said...


Melissa said...

Yay for competent medical staff! I can't believe any doctor would give out Clomid without regular bloodwork and ultrasound monitoring, but I guess there are some real quacks out there.

I hope the (possible) increased dosage brings you that long-awaited BFP. Keep us posted!