Thursday, November 13, 2008

She showed up

and a little earlier than I was expecting (AF that is) ! Woo hoo! I am really happy about that because I was dreading having her show up over the weekend and possilby missing getting my Clomid Rx in time. I guess if nothing else I could have taken it CD5-9, but why confuse me?
I am waiting to hear back from the nurse on whether or not they are going to up the dosage (50mg didn't make me O) and if this can be a monitored cycle (hopefully at the very LEAST b/w) so I will update as soon as I hear.
She is being kind this time around, which is always nice :) I hope she stays that way!


Marie said...

Flo decided to skip me this time around and that has never happened to me. Went to the dr. and he said my body just skipped it and I am not preggo. Pretty weird.

Good luck on your clomid cycle!!

Morgan said...

At least she is treating you right! :) I'm rooting for you in the month ahead and I'm assuming they will up your dose if it didnt make you O, it took me from 50 not working, to 100 not working, to 150 finally working and then got pregnant right away on the 150. There is plenty of hope for you...I just know this will work for you!

Andrea said...

AF is being nice too this month...although she was very much unwanted for reasons you'd understand :)

[But shhhh...I've yet to leak any news about this on my blog!]