Monday, March 8, 2010

4 months!

Okay, here's the official 4 month post :)
On February 21st B turned 4 mos so I'm only a couple weeks late on the update, right?

Anyway here are the pics I took that week:

Her stats: (on 2/24)

weight: 13 lbs 13 oz- 50%
height: 24in- 50%
head circumference: 39.5 cm- 25%

She got 3 immunizations this time- one orally and 2 shots (one in each leg). She took them like a champ and only cried after the second shot and only for about 5 seconds. I was so proud of her! I think it helps that our nurse, Amanda is SUPER fast with shots :)


She's smiling and laughing (on occasion- apparently her parents aren't all that funny, but she laughs for other people) a lot. She's a generally happy kid overall. She is still fighting naps, but goes down between 7-8 every night with no problem. We were still struggling with getting her to sleep longer than 2-3 hours (she reverted back to this when we got back from Seattle), but it's getting better(That's another post entirely!). She is doing GREAT with tummy time and started using her arms/ elbows to push herself up. She hasn't rolled over yet and I don't think she ever has any intention to. She seems content to stay exactly the way I put her down, whether that's on her tummy or her back- and no amount of prodding will get her to do otherwise. But I do try ;-)

She's sitting up with limited assistance and loves standing while holding on to our fingers. She's still pretty wobbly and my FIL thinks she would be a great hula hooper HA! I have a feeling she's going to be moving/ mobile before I know it! Eek!

She's LOVES her mommy and seems to have a rough time when Grandma and Grandpa watch her for an evening (although we haven't had them watch her again since Batman got home).

She started rice cereal last week- I guess that's technically an update for month 5, but whatever ;) She LOVES it! If I'm not fast enough, between bites she squeals at me and she wants the "help" me with every bite too. Which usually equates to a huge mess. It's fun though and I'm excited to start veggies with her next month!
She started grabbing for her toys. She has this rattle that she just loves and my IL bought her a little lady bug that hangs from her car seat and she can't get enough of it too!

She babbles on and on all day (I think I may have a talker on my hands) which I love to hear.

She got to try showering with her dad the other day and seems to like it almost more than baths, which is saying a lot because she would be content to sit in a bath ALL DAY if I let her! Speaking up, she's pretty much outgrown the baby bathtub.

I think that's about it... If I think of anything else I'll add it ;-)


Rikki said...

Oh my she is gorgeous! I can't believe how much she looks like you.

Ella said...

She is so adorable, T!!! Sounds like she is doing great, and you have a lot to be proud of, mama!

Andrea said...

That is one beautiful little girl :) She definitely has your eyes, Tif!

I can't believe it's been 4 months already. I still remember when you got your BFP! Oh, how time flies!

Anonymous said...

She looks so adorable, T! It sounds like everything is going great and she's reached some big milestones! :)

Iris Savea said...

Shes so adorable!!! Those photographs are just too cute!!

someday-soon said...

What a cutie! Sounds like she's doing great on all those important milestones =)

Kickin' Kari said...

She is gorgeous!! You should be a proud Momma, she is doing so awesome!

Christina said...

She is just too cute!

Her measurements make me realize how big Annika is too, it's crazy to me how babies differ in size when they're the same age!

Jen said...

How cute!!

Glad to hear that she is doing well, but I'm having a hard time believing that she is 4 months old already! Wow!

Kimmygintx said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that she's 4 months old already here too! Yikes!

Kitty said...

Beautiful and what a great update T! I'm so glad B is doing so great! Sounds a lot like my V. :)

Fine For Now said...

She's so cute!