Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things keep getting in the way!

Things have been a little crazy here since Batman came home. Between getting a routine up and running again with an extra person, additional chores, different schedules and a few *ahem* other things (yes Morgan another reference) we've been B.U.S.Y!

So here are a few things that have happened since he's been home:

Brynna turned 4 mos old (next post I promise will include pics and milestones achieved).

Batman went back to his job that he only moderately hates (he's hoping to get a job out at the base f/t. Or at any base f/t).

I've been back on my healthy eating and exercising and am down a couple more pounds (I think I might have to steal the idea from a bunch of you and post my weigh ins here- that way I'm kept accountable for what I stick in my mouth! I need to lose this weight!!)

I've started doing play dates (aka mommies walking) with an old coworker- K and her little man. It's been nice to get out of the house and even nicer (is that a word) to have some adult conversation

We (batman and I) got new Blackberries! I am completely addicted and spend WAY too much time on it. And if I were faster at typing on it, there would have been an update a while a go! Ha!

Brynna got a new baby cousin!! (That's my other SIL blog- she got all the pics so check them out! He's a cutie and looks just like his mamma!)

Batman's oldest grandma turned 94! She's kind of crazy, but we love her very much! We hope she's got a few more years left so B can get to know her too ;-)

The cheer season pretty much ended. I say pretty much because we are still having one practice a week to work on stuff for next year. But only through the end of March. Then it will officially be over.

Batman was put on the short list for tech school dates for his new position (in ANG) which means when we DO find out when he's leaving it will only be a 7 day notice. He could leave as soon as March 29th. He will be going to Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls for 4.5 months for training. Isn't that lovely?

I finally cleaned out all my maternity clothes from my closet (no, I wasn't still wearing them, they were just *there*) and put them away. Operation Spring Clean 2010 has officially begun.

Brynna started rice cereal!! So far so good. She loves the stuff and yells at me if I don't get the spoon in her mouth fast enough. My only concern is that it may make her constipated and since the girl only goes once a week as it is, how will I know if she's constipated or not? Ha!

I completely lost touch with the blog world- not kidding I had over 400 posts in my G.oogle reader last I checked. I need to get READING already!! Sorry about the lack of comments. I'm sure there has been big news while I've been out and I WILL get to it. Promise!

And... that's all I can think of right now. Hope everyone is well.


Anonymous said...

Glad everything is going well. Looking forward to seeing more Brynna pics and an update on her milestones! :)

Marie said...

Once I started Connor on cereal, he became very regular. I would say it helped him. I can't wait to see pics. I am addicted to seeing all Connor's little internet buddies grow up ;).

Kickin' Kari said...

ahh man, Sheppard?? That base sucks!! Ry went there for training last May/June for his new instructor job. He was miserable, although he did drive to go see a few Ranger games.
Hope he finds a job he likes better on a base!!

someday-soon said...

WOW, you have been busy! Happy everything is going well =)

Ella said...

Busy mama! But so glad things are going well, and glad Batman is home where he belongs!! And yay for play dates - I love taking Eliza walking with other moms, it's great to chat, and good for her to 'meet' other babies.

Can't wait to hear B's update!

Morgan Owens said...

I hope things get better and things get a little less hectic for you guys! Thanks for the update..I miss you! :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Can I just say how impressed at how together you have everything in your life after only 4 months? Seriously! You were totally meant to me a SAHM :) You're perfect!

Anonymous said...

YAY for being too busy with a fantastic life to blog!! :-)

YAY for rice cereal!

YAY for getting the darn maternity clothes put away! (I sooo need to do that!)


Kimmygintx said...

YAY! Glad everyone is doing well. Can't wait to see some Brynna pics when you get time!