Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5 months

I'm behind again on posting Brynna's monthly update! Ack am I a slacker or WHAT?!

Anyway, about a week and a half ago, Brynna turned 5 months old! Crazy!

Here's her pics:

She is growing bigger by the day (although compared to her play date buddy, she looks tiny... but he's 9 weeks older HA!).

Everyday I swear she has learned something new. She's grabbing at everything! And of course, it all goes straight to her mouth HA! I have to be careful what I let her hold onto (aka my grocery list) otherwise it ends up a slobbery mess. She can transfer toys from one hand to the other and back again, which is adorable to watch ;-)
I think she gets more drool by the day. Her gums look like her bottom teeth will push through at any time, but I have a feeling it's going to be another month before they finally make their appearance.
She has officially outgrown all her 3 month size clothes and is working on outgrowing the 3-6 mos. Her 6 month stuff is still a little big, but give her another week and I'm sure it will feet perfectly ;-) She is still in size 2 diapers (if we use disposable), but we did have to move the snaps on her cloth diapers.
She started rice cereal just after she turned 4 months (at her doc's request... I was going to wait until she was closer to 6 months, but her insisted we should start sooner, so we did). She loves it! We tried oatmeal a couple weeks ago and she doesn't like it nearly as much, but she will eat it. Yesterday we tried sweet potatoes for the first time. Here's her face:

Haha! I don't think it went over too well. We will keep trying it though ;-) I've started making my own baby food and it's SO easy, I don't know why anyone wouldn't do it! It's nice knowing exactly what's going in her mouth :)
She is sitting up almost exclusively on her own (way to go!), but still has yet to roll over. We work on it everyday, but I swear she is either too stubborn or just not interested. She pushes her chest and head up with her arms and does great tummy time, but is content to just stay there and no amount of prodding or coaxing with toys will get her to roll. She does try to "swim" to get them though. Ha!
She loves standing and if it were up to her, I think she would be pulling herself up with furniture if she had the strength. For now she uses my or Batman's fingers ;-)
She LOVES her daddy! The cutest thing happened the other day. She was sitting on our bed. Batman was in the closet and I was in the bathroom and I was asking "where is daddy?" Every time she would look directly at him in the closet! So CUTE!
She babbles all the time and loves blowing raspberries still. No "mama" or "dada" yet but I'm sure she'll get it soon!

That's all I can think of... haha!


Andrea said...

So cute!! I love these updates. Sounds like Bryanna is changing everyday :)

You'll have to get me tips on making your own baby food. I'm serious about doing that!

Rikki said...

She is precious!

Anonymous said...

awwww!!! She is adorable!!!! And, hey, being a week and a half behind does NOT make you a makes you a great Mommy! (At least, that's what I tell myself every day that we get further and further past Riley's two month birthday, with no blog update from me!)

someday-soon said...

Great pictures! Happy to hear Bryanna is doing great =) Good for you for making your own baby food, I plan on doing that too...

Anne said...

So cute Tiff! I don't know if you remember me from the TTCYFC board, but my son is 10 days younger than Brynna. He is not sitting up on his own yet, (he can sit up w/assistance) but he rolls over like there's no tomorrow. But I would like for him to sit up by himself! Yay for making your own baby food too! I'm doing the same, but my doc is insisting on at least 5.5 months, but I did give him a sneak of mashed avocado and he loved it. Love the updates, even though slightly delayed. I don't get how some moms do it every week or daily for that matter!

Fine For Now said...

Sounds awesome! She is adorable!

I can't wait for our little Meredith to be doing the same things B is doing!

Suzie Homemaker said...

Wow! She really is super adorable! What a cutie you have!

Kickin' Kari said...

Yay Brynna! I am glad to hear you are making your own baby food! I did that too! It really is so easy! Noah wouldn't take to purees right away. I think all the flavor was a bit much for him at first so I would add in a little bit of rice cereal to dilute the flavor and he ATE IT UP! I eventually added less and less rice cereal to get his taste buds warmed up to the idea of the good stuff!

Your girl is precious!