Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you all so much for your advice and support and emails with suggestions! That's why I love you all!!

I feel like I've been doing really well since my last post (although I did cheat on the diet a bit over the weekend). P90 is kicking my a$$, as I knew it would, but it is a good feeling ;-) I had been walking pretty much everyday, but I don't think that's going to be enough for me (in case anyone wants to know I'm doing the lean routine instead of the normal one- more cardio and less weights). I am going to increase my distance/ time though as well as trying to get in a DVD workout.

As far as posting a daily eating journal, it seems like it would be a pretty mundane thing for you to read everyday, so I'm thinking of starting a journal blog so I have a place to post it all. I've been keeping a daily written one, but it seems like such a waste of paper. When I get it up and running I'll post the link so you can all check up on me periodically. And I will post EVERYTHING, even if I cheat.

I'll be weighing in again on Thursday. I don't feel like I've lost any weight, but like I said above, I feel GOOD.

Also, Brynna turned 5 months on Sunday! Eek!! A post on that to come ;)


Kickin' Kari said...

Keep it up girl!! You can do it!

Andrea said...

Keep up the good work, mama. Remember..slow and steady wins the race!

I can't believe your munchkin is going to be 5 months!!!! Where does the time go? Hope you're enjoying every single second of it :)

Katie said...

Good for you!!! I like the "lean" routine on P90x better, too! I don't like so much of the weights, although they say that building muscle is the best to burn calories all the time. Good luck with it.

And, hey, if it adds to your good feelings....you are totally inspiring me to get my $h*t together and dust off the p90x again! :-)

Fine For Now said...

No way she turned 5 months already! You JUST had her! OMG! :o)