Friday, January 14, 2011


So today I decided I'm not working out... Just having a tired, off day- I'm allowed that, right?

And then I ate Panda Xpress ChowMein for lunch. Now I want to puke.

And we are having some friends over for dinner and games tonight- which means big calories (aka-dinner+wine+dessert).

(here's the menu that I'm making in case you were curious- Mexican Millet, Black Beans in a Chipotle Adobo sauce, Jicama-Watercress-Avocado Salad- all from Veganomican. Wine and dessert are coming with our guests)


I guess I just have to kick it up a notch this weekend.

P.S. We are playing this game tonight. Got it for Christmas and it's SUPER FUN!


Kitty said...

Firstly I LOVE board games so I'm wishing you lived closer!!! That game looks awesome!!! Ever played malarky? It's awesome and kind of similiar! Look it up!

And don't worry about today and the fail! I have those days too! But we're doing it! We're exercising and eating healthy most days! I'll be your partner! Tell me your plan- I'm aiming for about 5 days of exercise a week and total eating healthy....although I like vodka tonics, wine and beer. :) We'll get in good shape......maybe for the next LO. Let me know your TTC plan too.....we're thinking end of the year again....

Got on ivillage a day ago and hoped I'd run into you! :)

Anyway, hope you are well mama! :) Missed you!

Melissa said...

It's certainly okay to have a day or two of "failure" once in a while. I personally look at the weekly progress when dieting, as we all have have moments of weakness. If you can finish up a week and say that you've mostly done well, then it's a success.

Sounds you like had fun, though!

justadrienne said...

I LOVE veganomican--are you guys vegan or just trying to eat more healthy?