Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday{Thursday} Weigh In

It was another fail week in the eating department. Like I said before, when we get busy, we kind of lose our minds. It's a bad habit and it NEEDS. TO. STOP.

We will get there though. At least, we are finally acknowledging that we have an eating problem... right?

Weight loss/gain: -0.6
Skinny Jeans: see previous weeks- this needs to change STAT!

I worked out a decent amount, even with missing the weekend. I think I made up for it the last few days, doing double work outs. If I can just curb my terrible eating, it would help a TON.

I'm wondering if keeping a food diary would help a bit. I slacked off the last time I tried it (other blog), but maybe I can keep up with it this time. I may have to try it again.

It's going to be another busy weekend. We are hosting another cheer competition, this one being 3x the size as the last. Thankfully, our meals will be provided this time and they are MUCH more healthy than the last time (or our usual weekend fare)! Better choices=better weight loss= healthy! Batman is emceeing again and I will be running around like a chicken with it's head cut off (again). It will be fun though. It always gets my kids excited too which helps with their morale this time of year. If I get any pictures I will be sure to share them on here ;-)

Happy Thursday All!


someday-soon said...

A food diary always works for me...sometimes I won't eat things because I don't want to write it down =) Good job on the workouts! I'm sure you'll get a handle on the food soon.

Andrea said...

Have you tried using I swear it has changed the way I eat. Since I see exactly how many calories I eat and what I have left, I can't let myself get carried away with food.

You can do it!