Wednesday, February 2, 2011

15 months!

Miss Brynna turned 15 months 12 days ago! Once again, I can't believe my little girl is getting so BIG!!

We had our well baby check and here are her stats:

Height: 29 in (10%)
Weight: 22 lbs 1 oz (40%)

Still our petite little girl! She got a clean bill of health and a couple shots. Since B is pretty strict vegetarian (more so than Batman and I are, I think she has only had meat maybe 5 times in her life?), he was a little concerned about her iron levels, thus getting an extra poke in the heel (poor kid). Turns out she's better than fine (take that all you skeptics!) and we are not worried about any missing nutrients. She does NOT like Dr Roy anymore though, even though he didn't do the poking!

She's starting to talk more and more and this month she added baby, socks and book to her vocabulary. We did discuss this with her doc and he isn't concerned at all. He let us know though, if she doesn't have 10-15 words by 18 months he'd like her to come in.

BTW, he doesn't see kids at 18 mos... is that weird to anyone else? He won't see B again until she's 2. Just seemed like a long time to me. She isn't scheduled for any vaccines until then, but it still seems crazy she will go 9 MONTHS without a check up! Hm...

She's still in a a lot of her 9 mo clothes and all her 12 mo stuff too. I have a feeling we will FINALLY outgrow the 9 mo stuff soon though. We have tried on a couple 18 mo outfits this last week and they are still pretty big on her. She still is in her size 4 shoes, but I think we will be moving up soon. Her toes are getting a little too close to the end for comfort.

Still CDing almost exclusively, but when we do sposies she still in size 3. (Oh, I stripped the dipes last week and it seems to be helping a bit- plus I've added an extra pad from our neighbors stash that I *think* may be hemp?)

B has discovered on pbs. She normally didn't give TV the time of day, unless there was some music playing, and even then it was for like 2 min and then she was on to the next thing. However, the other day Sid was on and she sat for the WHOLE EPISODE. I realize this makes me a bad mom for letting her watch TV, but you guys... I have a whole 30 min to get things done WHILE SHE WAS AWAKE! Granted I don't let the TV "babysit" her, but it does give me a chance to walk into the bedroom and put some clothes away or clean the toilet with NO "HELP"! ;-)

We also downgraded our high chair. Brynna is now the proud owner of a booster chair (basically the portable high chairs that sit on a kitchen chair). Batman and I were tired of the huge one taking up so much room, plus she really likes the one my IL have. We got this one from BRU. She LOVES it! And it's nice having her right at the table during meals :) Oh my girl is growing up too fast!

We are still researching car seats. We need to make up our mind in a hurry since B is only an inch away from outgrowing her Chi.cco infant seat. I think I'm set on this one. It just seems to fit us best and I wasn't really sold on the BLVD when we tried it in BRU the other day (which is too bad, since I could get 25% off by trading in that nasty, huge, old high chair we just took out). The is still in the running, but falling behind.

B is such a happy girl! She has really turned into a chatty cathy (although it's still mostly babble). It's so fun to see her trying to engage in conversation.

She loves carrying around all her "babies" and laying them down. She has started stacking her blocks and playing with her puzzles (although the pieces don't always make it into the correct space).

We are still waiting for more hair to grow on her head. She has the all sorts in the back, but the top is almost bald. I don't even think you can classify it as a mullet?! It looks more like old man hair LOL

She still drinks a bottle of rice milk at night before bed. We've tried switching it to a sippy cup, but she was having NONE of that, so we will wait a little longer to try that.

I think that's it? Here are a couple new pics of my girl:

Having fun on the swings- it was cold, but so sunny out we had to go!

Enjoying a snack in her new chair!

Caught in the act! She takes Kino's food out of his bowl and feeds it to him...

Coloring! My baby is a coloring genius- notice the nicely colored Nemo page on the left? LOL

Breakfast at one of our favorite places- 'bucks!


Suzie Homemaker said...

She really is adorable!

justadrienne said...

She is too cute, Tiffany. And that car seat looks amazing, wow!

Melissa said...

Brynna is a cutie! It seems like she's doing fabulously well, and I really do think she's just perfect on the vocbaulary/speaking side of things. Kids really do develop at their own rate. Adrienne only said a few basic words until she was 18 months old (mama, dada, baba) - and then her vocabulary literally exploded after that. Don't even worry about it!

Happy 15 months to your gorgeous little girl!