Friday, February 4, 2011

Restless Adventures

Even though we've been busy this week and out and about pretty much everyday, I got a little restless this morning and HAD to get out of the house.

So what better excuse to take B and see some of the sights within quick driving distance of our house? Right?

We looked up online different scenic drives and decided on this one (of course B puts in her opinion... doesn't your 15 month old? Ha! Okay so I decided). Quick and had a waterfall at the end... or so I thought.

Apparently Swan Falls Dam is just that... a dam. No waterfall. Not even a little white water. It was kind of a dissapointment. Especially driving all that way (which turned out only to be about 25 miles from my house- not 40). Here's a pic of miss and me at one of the lookout points about said "dam"

And one of the actual "dam"- although it doesn't look anything like EVERY OTHER dam I've seen

There was another scenic viewpoint that we passed on our way so we headed there to see some more neat stuff. This part of Idaho is well known for it's birds of prey (falcons, hawks, osprey, etc) so I thought we might catch a glimpse of a bird or too. Unfortunately, I forgot birds generally MIGRATE SOUTH for the winter, so we didn't see any either, but here's B checking out the view- gorgeous!

Then we ended up at the local park. B had fun swinging and playing with all the musical "instruments" that they have.

And now we are back home, relaxing until Batman gets home :)
I think we are ready for summer around here! Or at least Spring!

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Mamma Bug said...

I hear you. With the miserable weather we've been swimming at the Y at least once a week. Indra loves it!