Monday, February 21, 2011

Thank God for the IL!

For those of you who know me on FB, you know that we dropped Brynna off at my IL last night. FOR. THE. NIGHT.
As in, no baby at home all night long.
As in, we can go on a date, not worry about what time to be home, watch a movie as loud as we want, have wild and crazy, loud sex, and sleep in until the late morning.
As in, no interrupted sleep.

It was heaven.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely ADORE my daughter. Batman does too. But sometimes mommy and daddy need a night to just be Batman and T. Not someone's parent. And we haven't had that since she was born. Not even once!

And so Batman and I had a date. We went to Famous Dave's (NOT vegan or even vegetarian... how have I fallen this far? It was mighty delicious though...) and rented The.Other.Guys. HILARIOUS. And then had some (okay, A LOT) drinks. And then had some wild, crazy, loud sex. And then fell asleep.

The only part of our plan that didn't work out too well was the sleeping in. We've both been up since 5. I guess old habits die hard.

We are picking up the munchkin in a few hours and I can't wait to see her.

But it was nice to have a night off. I'm not gonna lie.


Ella said...

JEALOUS!!! But so glad you got to have a night to yourselves - every couples needs to have a night off once in a while!

someday-soon said...

Happy you guys had a great date night!!! We have yet to do this...

Happily Married said...

BTDT with Will!!! It was the most refreshing, wonderful night and it renewed my well of patience and reserve for being a mommy again. Not to mention it's fabulous for your relationship with your spouse too. We also were up early instead of sleeping in as we'd planned because we were so excited to see our little guy again. I'm SO happy for you guys that you were able to enjoy yourselves so freely. Gotta love the IL's!

Melissa said...

So jealous! My daughter is over two years old now and we still haven't had a night off. Sounds like you enjoyed it!