Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day is like Christmas

See... my parents have always been big into gifting. Doesn't matter the holiday. They usually see each one as an excuse to give gifts. They've always done it. There are pictures of our "first" holidays receiving a various array of gifts. Kind of like Christmas multiple times a year.

So of course Vday would be no exception. Only this year, all we got was an email. Until yesterday...

The UPS guy dropped off a couple of these for Batman and I:

OMG! I'm so excited! I've been finding all sorts of FREE books all morning!

B is getting a few of those recordable books from them- they just haven't had a chance to record them yet (because my dad finally was able to GO BACK TO WORK this week! EEEEE!). So hopefully in the next couple weeks we will have a couple more books with their voices on them :)

On a side note- the UPS man really ruined B's whole afternoon yesterday. We had a snow day so she had been taking her gloves and hat on and off all day long in hopes we would stay outside (we did go out a few times). Well, after lunch she had put them back on. And then the doorbell rings- which usually means one of her grandparents or a friend is at the door- so she RUNS to the door. Only to find no one there. I open our storm door and grab the package and after I close it she presses her face to it looking for whoever. After a good 2 minutes I think she realized no one was coming and this is what happened:

Poor girl. To compensate, I took her outside again.


Iris Savea said...

Thats so exciting, =)

My brother got me one for Christmas and i LOVE it! At first I was unsure, but i'm hooked. I read it while I pump at work. =)

someday-soon said...

Such a great thing to have, what a wonderful present!

It looks like she LOVES the cute =)

~Rachel~ said...

She's so cute!! And you have the perfect amount of snow to play in! By the time it was warm enough here to take Henry outside - the snow was well over his waist! And now it's all melty...

Melissa said...

Those are great gifts! Lucky you! Brynna is adorable. My older daughter loves being outside as well and she'll bring me her coat and shoes every chance she gets. Snow is always a kid's favorite!