Monday, August 15, 2011

Apparently Batman is a good manipulator (not always a bad thing)!

Over the weekend 2 things happened.

1. We turned B around in her car seat so she's now FF. I would have preferred she stay RF until she outgrew the weight limit, but I had compromised and settled on her 2nd birthday. Well, Batman wore me down and I finally said "just DO it!" on Saturday. Brynna seems happy as a clam. And now I won't get any more comment from my IL about how they wish she were turned so they could see her face (I was REALLY getting tired of those comments).
This looks SO uncomfortable! RF was a much better angle to sleep!

2. We made B's crib into a day bed. She's officially a big girl now! I wasn't really certain it would work, but the last 2 naps and nights she's done great. Again, I thought we'd wait until she was closer to 3 before moving her from the crib, but I guess we will keep it this way. Funny thing is, she hasn't really figured out she can get OUT of her bed... LOL I guess this is a good thing ;-)
Oh and I forgot to mention that I went to the Michael Buble concert last week **swoon** It was A- mazing! Best concert I've ever been to... probably helps that I kinda have a crush on him (but what woman doesn't?).


Shannon said...

So cute! Love the passive aggressive comments from family members. We turned Sam's seat around at 2 also.

The day bed is so cute! I remember when we put Ella in her toddler bed. It took her about a month before she realized she could get out of bed. Which she did, but usually just played in her room and then went to bed on her own. :)

Happily Married said...

YAY for new things! I'm a little worried about moving Will to a toddler bed in a few weeks but we'll just have to do it and see what happens. And Michael Buble?! One seriously lucky lady! Sounds like you had a blast!

Anne said...

You're so lucky with the big kid bed transition! We had to switch Keane since he was climbing out, but he was very upset w/the new bed and kept getting out of bed crying. We had to sleep train all over again. It took about a week for us, but it was a loong week.

Melissa said...

My kids definitely prefer to be forward-facing. And to be honest, I loved the day they made that switch. No more screaming and fussing in the car!

Glad to hear Brynna is doing great in her new toddler bed. Sounds like she's quite adaptable. My older DD will not step foot in her bed, so count your blessings!

Katie said...

I understand your hesitation over the carseat thing. I've already told my hubby that NO WAY are we turning her around before 2!! I'm going to hold out as long after that as I can. :-)

Yay for a big girl bed! Do you have a safety rail up so she doesn't roll out? That's what I'm worried about the most. We are moving Riley to a big girl bed at her 2nd birthday, but she sleeps ALL OVER the bed..... Argh!

Kimmygintx said...

I am with you on the car seat issues- we just turned J around (18 mos) and when she passes out I don't know how she does it with her little kinked neck! ;(

Going to hold off a bit on converting the crib with all the changes and everything, plus she flips all. around. the. bed. Oy!

Kitty said...

Oh my gosh- such a big girl with all these big girl steps! We have the same exact carseat and V is still turned around....she does look slightly forward now doesn't she.

And big girl crib with 1 less rail- wow! Keep me posted. I'm impressed. Why'd you make the change?

Glad the concert was fun! Wooo hooo!