Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lost in Translation

It's come to my attention that someone didn't like Batman's most recent post so much. Unfortunately, they hid behind the "anonymous" mask. Which in my mind says they are a coward. Or that blogger wasn't working. One or the other.

Let me say a couple of things in response. While Batman doesn't need anyone to defend him or his blog, I feel it's my obligation as his wife (and love of his life)to do so.
First, it's his blog. Not yours, not mine, not Tom's, not Dick's, not Harry's, but HIS. So honestly? He has the right to post whatever he wants. And not feel bad about it.
Second, one of the reasons I love and married Batman is his sarcasm and very dry sense of humor. Obviously, this somehow was lost on anonymous as they were reading said post. While at times he can seem a bastard, it's almost always in jest and not malicious.
Third and finally, his intent, while not completely known to me(I didn't ask), was probably not "bashing", but merely venting his frustration about getting numerous pictures a day from our SIL. He likes seeing pics of our niece and nephew, but 20 a day seems a little over the top. I completely understand his point of view, as I get the same picture. Personally, I don't mind getting the pics since I show them to B and she now "knows" who M and D are. Batman? Not so much.
The other thing you have to understand is that said SIL does kinda come across as a "keeping up with the Joneses" type person. If we try something new, she has to also, but do it better. It's been like this since as long as I've known her (which is coming up on a decade and for Batman much longer). And this has always rubbed Batman the wrong way.
So there's my little rant. Take it or leave it.
And to anonymous- if it really bothered you that much? Stop reading. It's as simple as that.


Rikki said...

Okay so I went to Batman's blog and seriously I agree with him. That's irraite the crap out of me. I think anonymous is just a trouble maker and trying to cause drama where there is none.

My only concern would be SIL stumbling upon the blog. That would be BAD lol.

Christina said...

I don't understand why people like that even bother to comment!

Lauren said...

I went and checked Batman's blog, and it seems like the same idiotic Anonymous who's been commenting on MY blog, and made me change it so I don't allow anonymous commenters.

Happily Married said...

I read the blog entry just now & thought it was funny. And also a bit of a vent that he gets tired of having his phone overloaded. Who wouldn't with 35 or so pictures a day. I understand the desire to defend your husband. I would too. Keep rocking it girl!

someday-soon said...

It would annoy the crap out of me too...whoever anonymous is needs to get a life. People vent on blogs. Big.Deal.

Melissa said...

Okay, so I checked out Batman's blog out of pure curiosity. Honestly, I didn't see anything offensive. He was lightly making fun of a very comical family situation. I think "Anonymous" is just trying to stir trouble! Good for you for defending your husband, though.