Friday, August 5, 2011

Some Updates

My neighbors:

They are still missing, but there are reports that they were seen last Saturday afternoon at a flea market in the mountains. No one has seen them since, but it's a start and the police are now searching Valley County. Unfortunately, this is a huge county, all of it mountainous and mostly uninhabited. We are still praying they are found safe.

My Dad:

He had his meeting with the Public Works Director yesterday finally (they changed from the mayor's office to him). Not really a lot happened and no decision has been made yet. My dad went in with the union attorney and a coworker (who was filling in for someone from the union). He read a letter he and my brother had written, apologizing and rebutting (is that the word?) some of the allegations against him. Then the attorney made his point- basically that there has been no accomodation from the beginning for my dad, even though there should have been, and that he does have a disability that makes some issues and basically that if the city chooses termination, they will have a legal issue to deal with. The director thanked them for the "new information" and stated he would make a decision over the weekend. My dad is still on paid administrative leave until then.


Insanity has been... okay. When I got sick a few weeks ago I was in the middle of week 2 and to be honest working out made me feel worse not better. So I bagged it until I got to feeling better. Last week I restarted week 1. So here I am almost finished with week 2. I haven't lost any weight yet, but I do feel a little stronger (meaning I can get through more of the workout with less breaks!) and some clothes seem to fit better.
We pulled down my "skinny box" from the attic last weekend and I actually fit into about half the clothes in it! Yippee! I was so excited! The other half, I think I need to lose about 10 more pounds before they'll work. So... 10 or so more pounds is my goal. I'm hoping I can do it over the next month, but I have a feeling it may take me longer. Since Batman's been home, my eating habits haven't exactly been great... neither have his ;-) I guess we need to revamp things and go back to 1 bad meal a week instead of 3 or 4.
I still have a sore throat every few days... For some reason I can't seem to completely kick this virus. Grrr! Batman's been after me to get into the doc, but since I have never established myself with our PCM, I'm kind of on the fence. It will take them at least a week to get me in and I may be fully better by then, right? What would you do? Hmm...


It's been so great having him home and we've been getting back into a great routine. This week has been really crappy thanks to the ORE out at the base (operation readiness exercise). They have the ORI (inspection) in October, so all these practice runs make for long weeks :( He's been working 14-16 hour days and we've hardly seen him. Thankfully, Sunday is the last day and then Monday is a down day. I wish they would give him more than just one day though. He could use the rest!


Ever my sweet girl! We have been getting out more this week. Tuesday we went to the park and splash pad with a GF of mine and her son:
She had a great time and lasted almost 2 hours before we had to go home for lunch and naptime!
Wednesday we went to the library and she picked out 5 new books to "read." She's been enjoying some new stories before bedtime and she definitely knows which one she likes LOL.
Yesterday we went to the zoo again. This time we paid the extra $1 to go through the butterfly in blooms exhibit and she had SO much fun! We even had a few land on us and she did SO great!

Today we are laying low and staying home I think. Tomorrow we may head to the farmer's market... we'll see.
And this girl will be 2 in just over 2 months! Yikes! And I have no ideas for a theme for her birthday. I've considered Elmo, but she hasn't been super into him these days (other than having to have her 2 Elmos to sleep with). Then I thought a barnyard theme since she loves animals these days (we've added a cow and horse to her menagerie of "nighttime must haves"). Any one have any ideas?


someday-soon said...

Great updates...for the most part =) Sorry your neighbors are still missing. Hope the public works director makes the right call. That's awesome that a lot of your skinny clothes are fitting, so motivating! B is just so adorable, I love the picture of her staring at the butterfly. A barnyard theme sounds so fun!

Happily Married said...

Great update! SO many things going on for you guys. As far as the appt, I'd schedule it and if you're feeling better then you can always cancel it. Hopefully the ORI will go smooth and you can have Batman home a lot more in the coming weeks. The meeting for your dad sounds like it went pretty well and the public works guy just doesn't want to show his cards that your dad actually has a substantial case if he goes against him. Still praying for you guys on that one. WAY TO GO on the "skinny box" progress! Always a great motivator!

Hmmm......birthday themes. At our house Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse & LIttle Einsteins are all HUGE hits but if there isn't a pretty obvious choice for Miss B, why not go with just a general balloon themed party? Balloons are usually pretty cheap, especially if you rent a helium tank and fill them yourselves. You could even have an entire room's floor filled with non-helium filled balloons the kids could play with! I'd imagine you could find the mylar balloons pretty cheaply online. I'll keep brainstorming and see what I can think of.

Melissa said...

It's disappointing that your neighbors are still missing, but I'm happy the search resumed again. I hope the police get more leads that point them to the missing couple.

As far as your dad goes, I'm glad he was able to get the union attorney to stand up for him. I'm hoping the director comes to his senses and keeps your dad on board with the company; I think ultimately they will want to avoid any legal issues, so it seems promising.

Congrats on fitting into some of your skinny clothes! I, too, eat a lot less healthy when my husband is around, but we've definitely been getting better about it lately. Hopefully you kick that virus out of your system soon enough as it still seems it's lingering a little bit.

It sounds like you've all been keeping busy this summer - and I can't believe Brynna's 2nd birthday is right around the corner. I don't have many theme suggestions, but my 2.5-year-old loves Dora, Hello Kitty, Blue's Clues and Max & Ruby. Just some suggestions! I can't wait to find out what you decide on.