Monday, July 7, 2008

Back to computers and civilization

So over the holiday, S and I went a couple hours to the east to visit his brother's family. It was a fantastic time!! I love seeing my niece and nephew :) They are too cute! I wish I had taken my camera, but alas, no. I really thought S was going to grab it when he left mid afternoon for their house (since he had Kino and the luggage and all), but he thought I was going to grab it when I left later. Ya, no camera to be had...
And for some reason, my SIL, the photog, didn't snap a single pic all weekend- which is totally unlike her. She owns a photog business for crying out loud! I bet she is probably just tired of taking so many pics that she needed a weekend off. I probably would!

When we got home Sunday we got right to work, which was really great! We washed both our cars, the harley, the garage and the house. It's SO nice to have everything clean again! We washed up Kino too since he was just plain stinky! We used our AMAZING brush again (I would easily spend that $60 again because it really is an amazing brush!) He's still hairy, but we got off a lot and I think that will help in this crazy heat we have been having! (um... ya, 105 isn't really what I had in mind when I prayed for summer weather... 85 would have been JUST FINE thank you!)
In TTC news, I didn't bring my BBT with me since I was (drinking a little) keeping odd hours and I knew it would just be thrown off. I forgot to bring OPKs though, which I had planned on bringing. I guess if I O'd, I O'd and we certainly BD enough to catch the egg (don't tell S's bro though, or we might not be invited back again! Eek! Sorry A, but sometimes you gotta do what you just gotta do... don't you want a niece or nephew of your own too?)
Temps this morning were still down (in the 96s) so I am pretty positive the eggie hasn't dropped yet. I did have this really, really weird bleeding/ spotting on Saturday and Sunday, although it has pretty much cleared up. Hmm... not sure what to think about that?
We'll just keep with the BDing (like we always do) and see what happens. If we get it right this time I would be due around March 23 which I think would be perfect! It would give me enough time to get back in shape for summer, still be able to go on my DC trip, and I wouldn't have to be hot and huge during the hottest part of the summer. We'll see what happens though.

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