Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stupid temps!

So I's not really a big deal. I take my temperature every morning before getting out of bed (aka before moving any muscles more than what are required to reach for the thermometer), I check CM (cervical mucous) and CP (cervical position) I write all down and then log it on an online charting program (FF), all in an attempt to pinpoint my most fertile time-(read TRYING TO GET PREGNANT!)

So a couple of days ago I started seeing the good CM- EWCM. Okay, so here I am thinking- I must be Oing in a day or so (added to the weird, wonky bleeding and what TCOYF said). Um... apparently I haven't yet, as today's temps were STILL down, in fact even lower than they have been the last couple of days! GRRR!! Sometimes I HATE that I even do all of this! I guess it's certainly possible that today is indeed O day, but still... why can't I just have a NORMAL freaking cycle already?!

Sometimes I really hate my body! My only consolation is that I get to keep the BD fest going in full force ;-)

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