Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Negative and Positive

So, OPK was a negative this morning, but I will not be discouraged! I will continue BDing like a soldier, or a sailor... err maybe not like those. They tend to get all sorts of weird diseases. Bad analogy, but the idea was there. I know I probably won't O for at least a few more days since I have NEVER O'd this early, but gosh darn it I really kind of hoped I would O on a normal CD instead of having these freakishly long cycles. I mean, really? Is it too much to ask to have a cycle that is less that 40 freakin' days? Apparently...

The BD fest continues to be in full swing (I know this is information is highly needed for the world to continue spinning) and I am LOVING every minute of it (who doesn't?) I just hope S and I don't get too tired out... although I don't think that has really (ever) happened in all this TTC time, so I won't really worry about it.

In better news (aka NOT related to TTC) S got his promotion finally!! Yay!! We've only been waiting for this since NOVEMBER! Needless to say, his boss (aka not the brightest crayon in the box) is a little bit of a procrastinator/ scatter-brain/ idiot... oh wait scratch that last one. It was a little too harsh. In all seriousness though, this has been a long time in coming and I couldn't be happier for S. He SO deserves this!! He works his butt off for his company and doesn't usually get a lot of recognition. Plus, now that he is making a little more cash, it would be easier to afford... okay I'll stop right there, since we all know I was going to relate it to TTC and I said I wouldn't do that.

CONGRATS S!! You are amazing!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Congrats to your man!

I hope you get a positive OPK soon! I haven't used OPKs in months. I just had too hard of a time with them. I think I might give them another shot some other time.