Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So I have once again decided I need to lose a few (um... more like 20) pounds, and while this was an easy feat just a few short years ago, now it is NOT. The main reason I have even gotten this (grossly) overweight can really be summed up in one word. BEER. Dang it's good, just not good for my figure. So for the past 2 mornings I have been dragging my butt out of bed and working out (turbo jam style). Um... ya, apparently I haven't worked out in a WHILE because just about EVERY EFFING MUSCLE in my body HURTS! If I have to keep this up much longer... I just don't know what I am going to do. I do know that I need to get back in shape. It's just not healthy carrying around this much extra weight especially while TTC- fat is not good for babies- period.

I do want to give a shout out to my homegirl M- who dutifully calls me at 5am to drag my ass out of bed. Thanks friend!

In other news, we booked our tickets for our trip to Sea-town! Yippee I am so, so, so excited! In a few short weeks we will be up that way for a wedding and some visiting. I just can't wait! We haven't been up there since February and I miss my family something awful. Too bad half of them won't be there while we are in town.

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Anonymous said...

I've given up on working out... I packed on 10lbs since TTC and it's a major blow to my self esteem, but huffing and puffing away at a gym depresses me even more... As soon as we move into the house we're going to start going for walks. They say that walking for at least a half hour every day will help you shed the excess weight in less than 3 months. (Along with eating right, obviously!)

As for beer... I had my last hurrah last night! Now that I'm starting a fertility regimen, I'm giving it all up until I give birth. No more drinking, no more soda... it's V8 Fusion and water for me! (If you haven't tried V8 Fusion, go get it! It's sooo good... It tastes just like juice, but it's actually a full serving of fruits and vegetables per 8oz.)