Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yep still here... still waiting

So here I am still waiting for SOMETHING, dang it! Nothing to report really. No IPS, no AF, nothing.

So the better news is that I got a call from the cheer advisor at NNU and got the lowdown on the new season (I'm an assistant cheer coach). Looks like we will have a squad of 10, less than half of which are returners, which is fine with me. I like "new blood." I judged tryouts at the end of last year so I know all of them but one. The advisor recruited one more girl just this last week that is an incoming freshman. By the sounds of her, she will be a great addition to the squad :) Yay! I can't wait to see them all again! They are going to "camp" from Aug 11-14 (which I will attend with them). It's more of a retreat while doing a bunch of cheer related activities than it is the normal "cheer camp" experience. But it should be a good time:) We are headed up to a camp ground in the mountains a couple of hours north of here. Pretty exciting if you ask me!

On top of that my super, cool Dad is coming to visit Batman and me this weekend and half of next week and then we are riding back with him to Sea-town! YES! I really miss my family sometimes and I LIVE for our trips up there! I think Batman is looking forward to golfing on Monday. The only time he really gets out on the course is when my dad is in town. It seems to be their "bonding" time while Dad is in town. It should be a really good time. We don't see my family often enough (maybe 4 times a year if that).

Softball game tonight! Batman and I play on a co-ed softball team and we LOVE it! This is the first game of our fall season (I know...fall, you ask? It's the middle of effing summer and it's 100 degrees out! I said the same thing) and it runs from now until mid September. I really hope we win tonight! Well, actually I ALWAYS hope we win. Go figure.

And I'm still waiting for AF. Did I mention that already because I am. And I am getting a little impatient at this point. Let me freaking move on already! Ugh! AF? AF? Are you there?


Andrea said...

How're a cheer coach?!?! Man, I miss my Pom Pon days.

I'm so so sorry AF isn't making an appearance...grrr!!!

Anonymous said...

I love softball! :)

I'm a catcher and occasionally a pitcher, but I prefer catching over any other position.

DH has never played a sport a day in his life... poor guy.

Our kids will definitely be athletes though... I can't wait to be a little league coach!