Thursday, February 12, 2009

Funny Story

My BIL was at our house last night. I didn't to see him since I go to bed super early these days, but I definitely heard him and Batman.

I was awoken (awakened?) at about 1 to their shouts and curses at each other while playing Pain on the PS3. While this really kind of pissed me off because they interrupted my sleep, I figured I wouldn't yell at them since they don't see each other all that often. This goes on for about 15 min before I fall back asleep. Well about 15 minutes later (I guess) Batman comes into bed and (slurring his words) says they are done and can I please wake him up when I leave for work. Sure, of course.
Out of no where there is a HUGE BANG! CRASH! It came from outside and I know my BIL just walked outside (to do god knows what?). I sit up in bed , freaking out, yelling at Batman to go check on him. Batman assures me his brother is fine, just go back to sleep, don't worry, he's fine. We don't hear anything for a good ten minutes when finally the back door opens and closes and footsteps sound through the house. I figure he must be fine and go back to sleep.

Well Batman calls me this morning, and come to find out my BIL did trip and fall while he was outside on our deck (again, doing who knows what)- hence the large crash- and laying there in the not-quite-melted snow, contemplated staying the night out there because he was too drunk to get up! Finally (after about 10 min) he realized this was the wrong thinking and that he would probably freeze to death if he stayed out ALL night long and dragged himself into the house.

I was ROLLING! LMAO! This is so like my BIL! (and Batman).


Melissa said...

LOL! I love the brilliance of a drunken mind.

Kitty said...

That hilarious! How funny! I was waiting for you to say he crushed in your deck or something! Men are so silly. Esp after videogames.

So are you feeling really tired these days? Any naseua or other symptoms? Fill me in.

I still have back pains, increased sense of smell, heavier, soreish boobs, stomach movement at night, and can't let myself get hungry. Had a headache last night as well. But I'm so far so good with no MS. Knock on wood!!! Anyway, keep me posted. Also, when's your next aptmt or first OB aptmt?

Kitty said...

I feel like I'm waiting forever for aptmts too. MY RE us is next week at 6wks6days but then my first OB aptmt is on March 4th. So I'm waiting more than a week longer than you even though the MD said I would be seen between 7-8 weeks and that aptmt is 8wks5days. First thing they had. I feel like it's forever away. Plus DH and my dad kinda want us to tell the siblings and I said maybe after both aptmts. Dad is getting really pushy. Ha. Anyway, I think you have more sleepiness than me. I do have issues typing some but otherwise ok. A few lapses in words too. Ha. Sounds about the same. :) Back pain is the worst for me. I hear it's from growing uterus. Just on one side too. So weird. But otherwise fine.

Chele said...


Mary said...

I wish you could have gotten a picture:)

Shenanigans said...

sorry I missed all the fun. S.O. keep me busy. Maybe next time

nancy said...

~giggle~. Boys. that's all I'll say!

Tiffanie said...

sorry for the late congrats, but CONGRATULATIONS!

Kitty said...

Chica- update us on what you're up to and how things are going with the bean. What are your symptoms and such?! Hope all is well!
Miss reading your updates! :)