Wednesday, February 4, 2009

P90X strikes again

I think Tony Horton has a really deranged idea of a "break week." On the P90X program you do 3 weeks of weight based workouts then a so-called break week- supposedly slightly easier than all the weight routines you have been doing.
Haha! We were so totally wrong in thinking we would get a small reprieve from our soreness.
Batman and I did Core Synergistics yesterday... um, ya... let's just say I have never wanted to kill Tony more than I have yesterday! It was B.R.U.T.A.L. It's not just a simple ab workout. Oh no, that would be WAY too easy. It works everything between your shoulder and knees until they are so fatigued that you are shaking and can't even move! And I think we have to do it AGAIN this week. Kenpo wasn't bad this morning, but man-oh-man am I super sore.

I could punch that guy!


Marie said...

Think of the hot bod you are getting though. Is that motivation or an invitation for a slap??

Melissa said...

LOL about that workout being considered a "break" - I think your body begs to differ.

Hopefully all this hard work will bring fab results. I think it's high time I get into some sort of workout routine myself, although time doesn't come freely to me these days.

Tiffanie said...

AHHHHH! good for you for getting in shape. i, on the other hand went bowling this past weekend and my legs/groin/ass are still sore. partly from being so out of shape and partly from my rediculous technique:)