Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm a bad blogger

Apparently, looking at my last few posts, I only feel the need to blog when a) I am having a crisis or b) I am updating about something to do with pg or bean.
So in light of that, here is a completely RANDOM post:

1. I don't like my job this week. Not really for any particular reason, and I know I should be thankful that I even HAVE a job, but for some reason I am just plain bored at work and it's driving me CRAZY!

2. A girl got her nose smashed into her head (and likely her brain) at the basketball game I went to on Saturday (a player not one of my cheerleaders, thank goodness). It was really scary. She just laid there, not moving, going in and out of consciousness the whole 20 minutes we waited while the EMTs worked on her. I cried... for her, for her teammates, for her parents that will get a phone call that their daughter had a TBI...

3. I just love my puppy (okay I realize he isn't a puppy anymore, but in my eyes he will ALWAYS be my first "baby") and I am nervous how he is going to react once Bean makes an appearance. Batman has stated that once Bean gets here, Kino goes outside. I, of course, cried "NO WAY JOSE" so we'll see what actually happens (I usually win with dog stuff) but it makes me sad to think of my baby Kino having to spend all his time outside :( It makes me want to cry :*(

4. I may have said this before, but as much as I love the girls on my squad... they just aren't very good. After Christmas break it was like they pretty much forgot everything. It's kind of sad sometimes. (I should probably blame myself... but that would just be silly)

5. I am having a really hard time NOT eating cheese right now. It seems to be one of the few things that actually sounds good at night when I get home- case in point, last night I went and got a pizza instead of eating the steamed broccoli and roasted asparagus I had planned on making. So much for being a vegan I guess. (I did buy Sk.inny B*tch- bun in the oven, in hopes that I can STOP the cheese madness and make healthier decisions)

6. Batman is SUPER sick right now. He started getting sick Friday and has gotten worse everyday since then. Today is day 2 off from work and he sounds like death! I hope I don't catch whatever it is because he sounds (and looks) downright miserable!

7. I want to get a list of things BTDT moms have found to be "the best" baby/ pregnancy products. If you have any, let me know! As you know, I am a first timer so could use all the help I can get!

8. I haven't been sleeping well lately. I go to sleep just fine around 8:30- 9 because I am exhausted, but then I wake up 4,5,6 times- I look at the clock roll over and then it takes 10 min to get back to sleep. Has anyone else experienced this? I didn't have quite this problem before getting preggo (it was usually only 2-3 times a night)

9. Work now knows I'm preggo... it kind of "came out of the bag" Friday and yesterday. They are all excited since now they will have 2 babies to gush over.

10. I don't really like that work knows already. I was going to wait to share the news after I got back from DC (1 mo 2wks and 3dys from now) which would put me around 13-14 wks and out of the 1T. Apparently that was wishful thinking.

11. I'm leaving for a week long trip to DC in 1 mo 2wks and 3dys.

12. I didn't have to pay for ANY of this trip! It is a gift from my parents (even though they only had to fork over $200... my mom leads the trip so she gets a stellar discount)

13. This list has way too many references to preggo/baby things

14. My sister is coming to visit for a few days starting Thursday! I am super excited because she hasn't been here for about 3 years. I am taking Thursday off for my appt and to hang out with her :) (she's 19 and totally fun! She also makes me feel really old LOL)

15. I think it's kind of creepy sometimes, the people that find you on facebook and myspace. I mean, why are these people looking for me anyway?

16. I really don't like this pelvic rest thing one bit. I'm basically a rabbit, so abstaining goes against my nature.

17. My older bro had to put the cat down this morning :( He was about 13 yrs old and an ear infection spread (not sure to where) and he had stopped eating and pretty much moving all together. My mom and bro are pretty shaken up, as I'm sure my sister will be when she hears- she's pretty sensitive about that stuff. I'm sad about it too. We had him since he was only 6 or 8 weeks old, and while I am so not a cat person, he was one of the few that I actually liked. RIP Calvin :*( I think I might cry again.

18. I think I have run out of random things to share.


"Adair Flair" said...

Your so cute! We love hearing about the baby things- revel in it girl!!! I know I will!!!

~*JaYmE*~ said...

I'm sorry about the cat. (((HUGS))) but glad things are going well w/you and bean!

Anonymous said...

It's your time to shine doll... talk about all the baby stuff you want! I know I would be!

Steph C said...

Ooooo vacation will be so nice!!! So sorry to hear about the cat. :o(

Shot Gun said...

you're so funny....love the randomness! I'm pretty random myself so I appreciate someone else doing it!!! :-)

K said...

Hi! So, I'm a little behind on reading blog posts... :-)

First of all, I'm SOO glad everything is going well with Bean and that the spotting was not anything to worry about!

You made me laugh talking about how your sqaud is not any good. I sometimes feel that way about mine and I just can't wait for the day when I get to run the cheerleading program at my school the way *I* want to run it. Of course, that day may not ever actually come....

Chelle said...

I am catching up and just saw beans first picture!! HOW CUTE! Congratulations!

Carbon said...

I'm a bad blogger too! I should take a hint from you and at least post something random.

When you get your list of products laid out, be sure and post it. I'd love a peek! I did check out a Baby Bargains book from the library a few months back. It had a bunch of good advice. I'm also thinking about a consumer reports online subscription.

I hope Batman gets better, and I hope the extra attention at work doesn't drive you nuts!

Tiffanie said...

if it makes you fell better i hate my job too!

and, i couldn't imagine if dh said i had to put the dogs outside! he would never do that though, he seriously loves our pups:)

Teresa said...

Whew I'm a total bad blogger too and still haven't congratulated you. CONGRATS! I was in tears when I read that you were pregnant and it was all natural and unexpected. Amazing. I can't wait to hear every detail in the next 9 months. ;)

Melissa said...

Pregnancy and work simply don't mesh. Experience tells me that you'll begin to hate your job more & more as your pregnancy progresses.

And I totally craved cheese 24/7 during my pregnancy. It was one of the few things that didn't make me barf. :)

Jen said...

I love your blog! Talk about what ever you want too, when ever you want. That is fine with all fo us!

I'm glad things are going well with the baby. I continue to think about you and send you good healthy baby thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

You are NOT a bad blogger. I love reading about your little bean. :) You totally deserve it!

I hope Batman feels better soon!

Rikki said...

I agree with Melissa something about coworkers/bosses/working and pregnancy just doesnt mix. I loved my job before I got pregnant but as time went on it got more and more annoying everyday!

I sure hope your puppy likes the bean when she/he arrives. My dog hates the baby and wont go within 2 feet of her.