Thursday, February 19, 2009

Houston we have a heartbeat!

So I freaked out for nothing... okay not NOTHING, but it looks like Bean is doing just fine. It's measuring at 6wks 2dys instead of 6dys, which completely fine with me. Heartbeat was pounding away at 115bpm, completely normal for 6wks. They changed my EDD to Oct 13th instead of the 9th. Oh ya, there's only one... Batman's coworker's dreams were wrong (can I say a "THANK GOODNESS" here? I would have been happy, but I have so much LESS to worry about with just one)

I do have a small subchorionic hemorrhage, but since it's pretty small the u/s tech said it didn't look like much to worry about. She suspected that's where the brown spotting was coming from. She let me know I might be getting more and that it even might be red, but not to worry too much. If I don't have any cramping and the bleeding isn't heavy (as in saturating a pad in less than an hour) that I was more than likely fine.

I wasn't able to get b/w since my doc is out today and he is the one that has to order that. His nurse was out too. I am not terribly worried, but the u/s tech did leave a message for him or his nurse to call me tomorrow about a couple of issues- progesterone and whether I need to be on suppositories and pelvic rest. Until we hear otherwise, Batman and I will refrain. Kind of sad, but we have been on a hiatus since last week anyway because of the earlier spotting. I'm more worried about Batman's sanity through this than anything ;-) I kid, I kid.

I am really feeling much, much better about this. Seeing that little heart beating away just about took the breath out of me. Even Batman got a little teary when she was explaining everything (too bad in my mind I kept saying, "I'm not an idiot, I know what we are looking at" LOL I guess she has to explain everything for people that don't read or do research at all) It was good for Batman to hear it all though :) He says it makes it a lot more real to him.

I'll try to post the u/s pic later tonight when I get home. I don't have a scanner here at work that I can use. I will keep you all posted!

Thank you so much again for all your P&PTs and healthy bean vibes! I know they all help our little Bean!


Marie said...


Carbon said...

Whew! I'm so relieved. A part of me has been holding my breath for you since I read your update earlier today. (The net nanny won't let me comment from work).

I'm so happy everything is awesome and you got to hear a heartbeat too!

Anonymous said...

OH TIFF! I've got tears in my eyes! I'm so relieved! I want this baby so bad for you!!! {{{HUGS}}} I'm so glad he's healthy! (Let the record reflect that I'm predicting a boy!)

Melissa said...

OMG, congratulations on hearing the heartbeat! That is phenomenal news and I'm head-over-heels thrilled for you guys!

That subchorionic hemorrhage is nothing to worry about. It's super-common and generally harmless. Worst case scenario would be some bedrest for a few weeks, but I think you're fine.

FWIW, I had a bleed in my uterus during the early weeks of my pregnancy which resulted in some very light spotting. Fortunately, it cleared up on its own and all was good. These things are so common - although it's terrifying to see red at any point in pregnancy.

Congrats again on the AWESOME ultrasound. I am so so happy for you!!

(BTW - I also predict boy for you).

margelina said...

Oct. 13 was my original EDD with my first...but she couldn't wait to get here and was a late September baby! Anyway...CONGRATS!!!

Kelly said...

YAAAAY! That is GREAT!!! Congratulations!!!!

libby-ct said...

So great to see this wonderful update! I'm glad things are going well!

Ella said...

Wow, what a relief! I bet that hb was the most beautiful sight... congratulations!

Kitty said...

I'm so glad all is well! Yeh for things being ok! Hang in there and rest.
We had our US today and it went well. But we just saw the HB where you heard it= good for you! Our hb sure looked strong though! so that was exciting.

Well just wanted to say i'm thinking of you!

proudnavywife1027 said...

Oh Tiff ((hugs)) I'm sorry you had to go through this ordeal today. I'm just glad the baby is okay. That's exciting that you got to hear the heartbeat and I really hope the rest of your pregnancy is a breeze.

nancy said...


Some assvice to give since you are a baby newbie ... If you know your date of conception (when you ovulated) - go with that and tell them you are sure on that date. Then they won't change EDDs based on the ultrasound. I never understood WHY they would change it, as my RE ~never~ changed it, because he knows it can go back/forth by a few days.