Monday, February 2, 2009

Another weekend recap

I knew girls would understand. All this IF stuff just really gets me down sometimes. Especially when so many others are getting my dream. That said, I'm going to try to be more excited and less bitter, more the old me and less of this begrudging new me. We'll see how it goes ;-)

Our weekend flew by way too fast. Batman participated in the 4th Annual Inside Ride and was able to ride 20+ miles in an hour. Unfortunately, Batman is far from a seasoned cyclist and his *ahem* hind quarters were more than a little bruised after the whole venture (his "second" bruise over the last week). He had (and still has) a hard time sitting down, poor guy. But I was sure proud of him :) A fellow team member of his ended up with the farthest distance for their heat with over 26 miles!

We had lunch with my IL and Batman's aunt who is in town for the week while my IL go to Jamaica. (She is here because of his 94 yr old gma who lives in an assisted living home nearby. The last time the IL went out of town we were left as the contact people for her and it was a DISASTER [read: 20+ calls a day to badger us about taking her places- mainly church- which she had been told she couldn't go to yet since she had just had a minor stroke] so his parents enlisted the help of one of her many daughters while they are away).
Tell me again why it is everyone on the planet gets to go on vacation and I don't? Two coworkers are in Hawaii, my IL in Jamaica, my parents just got back from Disneyland... Ugh, it's so unfair!!
Then went home and just relaxed the night away, watching seasons of one of our favorite shows and having a couple adult beverages (you know, to dull the IF pain...) ;-)

Sunday we went to breakfast, went grocery shopping and then I went off and did my normal Sunday routine with BFF to Costco (sadly, sans little love). We watched some of the big game, but since neither of us was really interested we paid our bills and balanced out budget with it in the background. I was slightly disappointed Arizona didn't win, but mainly because I REALLY don't care for the Steelers. Ever since the 40th big game. Too many one-sided, terrible calls.

Anyway... that was our weekend. Hope everyone had a good one :)


Anonymous said...

I got your note in the mail! I totally LOL'd at the envelope! hehe :) Your note was very sweet :)

Melissa said...

Oh yeah, it DOES feel like everyone is on vacation except for me. I can't remember the last time I went anywhere even remotely exciting.

Congrats on Batman's 20+ miles. That's awesome. Give your man a good massage to help with the soreness (I'd normally recommend a hot tub, but that won't help with your other endeavors)! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about vacations. It seems like my friends and coworkers are always running off to exotic places, and here I am--still at work. :(

PS--I hate the Steelers, too!

Sally said...

You never mentioned me in the entire weekend? Don't I mean anything to you anymore... I tried T - I really tried. Oh and I agree you should give Batman a massage.

Carbon said...

I'm so with you on the Steelers grudge! Come on, did they really need a 6th superbowl victory? Oh well.

I hope your spirits stay high so one day they can soar. :)

~*JaYmE*~ said...

(((((((HUGS))))))) T. I hope you start feeling better soon. I'm feeling the same way right now w/friends of mine. Its just hard.

Teresa said...

Everyone's going on vacations and everyone is getting pregnant! Completely unfair in so many ways. ;)