Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Still waiting, waiting, waiting

Apparently 3 hours to my docs office means more than actual 3 hours... I had my blood drawn at 8 this morning... it's now almost 3. I called at 1 and "they" were in a meeting and the receptionist would have someone call me back... Um, ya... I am so not happy right now! Gaaah!! I'm calling again at 3:30. Maybe if I make myself a pest they will just break down and give me the results already!?

On a side note for those that don't know, the AFOQT stands for the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test. It's the test that determined whether or not Batman qualified to be an office and go off to officer school or not. Remember how he was so worried and studying his butt off for it? Ya, he passed with FLYING colors!

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