Thursday, February 19, 2009

Having a complete break down

So I just went to the bathroom a little while ago...

brownish spotting... not much... yet

but I am pretty much in tears right now. I just don't know what to do.

what is going on? I have had peace about this baby from the beginning, but a few fears because of our past... and now I am just completely freaked out.

please pray this isn't the end for Bean...


Marie said...

They say brown is old and you said you had some spotting already right? My Dr. looked at brown as a good sign. The bright red is bad.

Lots of positive coming your way!!!!

Melissa said...

Brown spotting is very common in early pregnancy - so don't freak out yet.

First thing's first - abstain from sex for a couple of weeks. This might be contributing to the spotting.

Second, get your blood drawn ASAP to check progesterone levels. This is the #1 cause of early pregnancy loss. Since you had a chemical pregnancy last cycle, there's a possibility that your progesterone levels are a bit on the low side. Low progesterone levels would also explain the spotting. Please, please, please get your blood drawn ASAP.

I am sure everything is okay, but it's always safe to get things checked out.

Fingers crossed & SBV's are coming your way! ((Hugs))

Anonymous said...

Get your butt to your doctor's if you're that concerned! Don't sit around and stress yourself out! It could be something or it could be NOTHING! {{{HUGS}}} Call your doc or head to the ER. Like Melissa said, make them check your progesterone!